Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What`ll you do with the time that`s left?

Dear Family,

I don`t even know where to start. At this point in the game, it really doesn`t matter

My companion is very tired all the time. He had great goals to begin with but the scripture ``don`t run faster than you have strength´´ fits perfectly here. I know think he realizes how hard it is to a get a baptism. We suffer alot, the investigators suffer also, sacrify alot, or have a hard time keeping committments. It`s my job to keep his energy up, help him out when he falls, and teach him correct principles. Sometimes I get frustrated and forget my purpose as a trainer or forget that he`s new and doesn`t know exactly how to work. He is learning fast though. We had a couple trials this week. We dropped a couple investigators, 2 of which had accepted a baptism date. It`s sad when they use they agency and don`t accept the gospel. But it is good experience for my companion on how to handle some situations.

We put a new idea into action this week. This idea is an old one, Una Encuesta (a survery). We knock a door and kindly ask them if they would like to take a short survery about their opinion on some stuff like if a strong family is important to them. We ask to come in to take it. It is 10 questions that will help them more easily accept our message and we get to know their thoughts, beliefs, and desires better. Then, after we complete the survey, we tell them that we have a message that goes along with the survey and we ask them who would they like to say the prayer to begin the lesson. It`s a bold easy move to get into the door and get them talking. If they really thought about the questions they would accept the message more easily. If they reject us at the door, they`re really not rejecting us nor Jesus Christ, but the survey. It usually works.

Saturday, we became even more united as a ward. They planned an outing to go in the mountains in a park type thing. I bet there`s many of those places in Utah. At first we couldn`t go because our leaders didn`t give us permission. So the bishop went to el pez gordo (the big chesse), President Dyer, and got permission. It made me feel good and wanted in the ward. Also, there was about 15 investigators there and many inactives. In all, I`d say about 100 people came to the ward activity. We played soccer, volleyball, I taught them capture the flag (bad idea, the two teams started fighting), we ate a barbaque, and then we started a fast as a ward. The purpose was for the missionary work, or in other words, The Work of Salvation. That was a powerful moment as all the ward (and investigators) stood in a circle as the prayer was said. Imagine, 100 people praying having the same mind and purpose. I felt a huge force come over me as they specifically were praying for us. It felt as if there were angels all around us, supporting us. Then I opened my eyes, and saw my ward.

I`ve been reading Jesus the Christ lately and this week I`ve been in the last chapters where he`s in his last week. The Atonement surely is incomprehensible. And Jesus surely is the Christ. Not a single other human could possible do all that: be betrayed by his ``friend´´, drink the bitter cup that his Father gave him in order to take upon the sins of the world upon himself, have drops of blood come out from every pore, be mocked and humiliated in front of the chief priests, stand with innocent majesty before kings, be tortured in the worst of ways, carry the heavy cross up the hill of Golgatha, be nailed to the cross, be crucified, and Still have the patience and love forgive all of them, break the bonds of death, and crown all of that with the glorious resurrection. He surely was and is a God that has a perfect love for all of us. So why do we struggle to have faith in Him?

We can`t waste any more time,
-Elder Walker

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