Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two weeks left and moved up to the Latino group!

FYI-last week's letter I did not post nor FW.  I could tell he was homesick and having culture shock  both physically and mentally.  It happens to all missionaries to some degree but this was sooner than most.  Probably because he never lived away from home and spent so much time at home this past year.  I even felt homesick when I was out 30 years ago and I lived away from home for two and a half years before!  He seems to have adjusted well now.  Plus he is feeling better.  Yeah!-Mama Walker (PS I also corrected some of the spelling errors, don't know if I caught them all).
Querido familia,
Before I begin, I owe everyone an apology.  I've been way too negative in all my letters.  I shouldn't talk so bad about people here or especially my companion.  I do love him, and I need to stop venting my problems to you guys haha.  Being away from home, it's been hard adjusting and remembering who I am when you're in a strange land with strange people who speak a strange language.  I also read my letter from last week and my comment about my president was just weird and rude, I actually meant to delete it, especially cuz hes a really nice guy.  Frankly, I was so pooped last P-day.  I was a little sick and had little sleep and was working all day.  It was the longest day I've had out here.  Nonetheless it's no excuse to say mean things about my companion or president.  So, do you all forgive me?  Thanks guys, I knew you´d understand.
ANYWAYS, there´s been some confusion over rooming here at the mish.  But, of course I´ll care for Andrew, and of course, I'll arise above it.  For I know that´s how you'd want me to respond, yes.*  There's been some confusion for you see my roommate is unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe.
Sorry for another lame song reference, but this week has been awesome.  GOOD NEWS!!!  good news.... (another lame song reference) I´m moving up to the Latino district!!!  I get a Latino companion for my last two weeks here!  I´ll miss my companion.  Well... ya.  I wouldn't do it again, but I wouldn't trade or forget the experience either.  Who can say if I've been changed for the better?  but... Because I knew you, I have been changed... for good.  Alright I promise I'm done with the song references.  So tomorrow I'll be speaking solely Spanish.  My mind already feels exploded.  I can't tell if that last sentence is grammatically correct.  Spanish is really messing with my head.  I bet I make a lot of spelling errors too but I can't even tell.
Another group left this week.  They were my favorite group.  They loved to have fun, and were the group I played games with at night.  We played one last silent library, and of course I was chosen for the first time.  I had to down 2 packs of butter.  Worth it?  yes.  well... no.
I made 4 soles for eating some nasty Peruvian sauce too this week.  In dollars that's about... 1.50$.  Nope wasn't worth it.  But hey it's about friendship right?
We had the opportunity to go proselyting this week.  Ironically the area we went to is my mission area, so it was cool to see my mission.  My mission is literally the ghettos of Peru.  Trash everywhere, small, run down houses, some scary looking people; it was scary but exciting at the same time!  So much work for me to do!!  I cant wait! 
I feel as though the Peruvian people here are humble not because they know what they don't have, but because they recognize what they do have.  While proselyting, this sweet lady named Marcella invited us into her home.  She couldn't afford chairs so we gave the lesson to her standing up.  Everything she owned, she spent on her daughters, or medical bills.  She had a hole in her neck and had trouble speaking, but I understood every word she said, even though I don't fully speak Spanish.  We didn´t even have to invite the spirit, because she already had it.  She accepted everything we said, and set a return date with the missionary we were with.  I love her.  I wish I could give everything I had to her, and she wouldn't suffer anymore.  Its people like her that give me 10 times the strength to keep going.  I don't want anything in return, I just want to help these people and know that their lives are better by the time I have to leave.
That´s what happened this week.  Who knew a mission would be so amazing.  Till next week, ciou ciou!!1
Con Amor
Elder Walker
ps yes I did get your letters, thank you!  Getting mail is the most exciting time of the week here. 

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