Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And the Survey says . . .

Dear family,

Little comments I have from the week: 
I taught that survey idea that I mentioned in my last letter to the zone. They all said that it works like a charm. One Elder even commented how he got in a Jehovah`s witness`s door and that never happens!
I can tell my reading music skills are improving because the primary asked me 10 min before to play piano for their program that happened yesterday. I played all the pieces almost perfect without knowing beforehand.
The weather is really wierd. Last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday it was raining. Tuesday and Wednesday, freaking cold. Thursday, Friday, Saturday: HOTTT, the hottest it has been in 50 years they say. Sunday, windy like no other! Cochabamba just seem to make up its mind.

It`s soo wierd. They call the person who you are training in the mission, your son. My companion is DEFINITELY my son. He is exactly how I was when I started and how I am now. I get along with him well, but I can also see my flaws by seeing his weaknesses. He also copies everything I do. If I don`t do something, he doesn`t either. Let`s say that I wake up at little late at 7. He`ll do the same the next day. I can`t get mad or tell him to not do it because I did it. It`s really helping me be obedient, work hard, and perfect myself even more (a long ways to go).

During a companionship study, we talked about how to find new investigators. We watched the videos from ``The district´´. Ironically, it seemed that they also found golden investigators that want to get baptized. Elder Ortiz said, that only happens every 1 in 100 people. 30 min later, we went to work. The first person we talked to, Juan, we taught him about the Restoration. It wasn`t the best lesson I`ve ever had. I signed to my companion to invite him to be baptized. He did it and Juan said yes and put his own date, on Christmas. He even said that he`ll come to church and seemed very excited. I smirked as I said to my companion as we left, 1 in 100? Well looks like we`re at 1 for 1!! jaja

We`re teaching a lot of solo people, People who want to hear us, but their family doesn`t want anything to do with us. It`s really sad, but that`s when the members come into play, representing the family ward who will support all believers of Christ and His church. Three of them are under the age of 18. 
For one of them, Diego, we got permission from his mom even though she said she doesn`t want anything to do with the church, but it`s fine for her son. 
Other one, Daniel, we teach him at his cousins house because his mom basically kicked us out. Daniel really wants to learn, because we`re still teaching him inspite of his mom`s disagreeance. 
The last one, Jose, was a little funny and sad at the same time. He knows all the lessons and could get baptized tomorrow. His mom is a less-active who we are working with. All we needed was permission from his dad. It was my companion`s turn to learn how to ask the parents for permission. The dad said no and his excuse was that he`s a minor and therefore is not doing it with faith, just like his mom he`ll leave it after he`s baptized, and it`s a sin to be baptized again. We resolved all of his doubts except the first one and he still said no. So my companion surprised me and started giving him WASCA or in English... something along the lines of what Nephi did to his brothers`hardened hearts. (The guilty take it personally). My companion asked how he got baptized (in the catholic church). He asked him if a baby could have faith in that baptism if he really didn`t know what was going on. So why would a baby then get baptized. The dad realized he was in the wrong and shouted, I`m catholic, my son is catholic and that`s final! Then he got up and left us with an awkward silence. 

As missionaries, we don`t have to excuse ourselves, when directed by the spirit. ``What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is THE SAME (D&C 1:38).´´

-Elder Walker

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