Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My birthday and Thanksgiving/pictures of food and families/Pictures of Incachaka (chapari)

Sorry I couldn`t write yesterday. I`ll explain later in my email why.

Well I had a nice, fulfilling week. As a companionship, we completed our weekly goals and passed the standard of excellence for the mission having 10 with baptismal date, 8 in church, 15 lessons with members and 9 others, and finding 15 new investigators. I would call it successful thanks to the HARD work we put in. One thing that helped us was the ward missionaries. The Ward mission leader here doesn`t really do or know how to do his calling. So we just come up with the ideas and then he supports it. At the beginning of the week, I organized the ward missionaries. They weren`t really doing anything. So we met together and I explained their purpose in the work of Salvation and made a schedule, having them companion at least 1 day of the week so we could have a member with us all the time. Besides, most of them are young people and they`re on vacation now (summer vacation is in November-Feb). 

We worked hard all week so that I didn`t have to work as hard on my birthday (not that I didn`t want to). We were jammed packed with appointments Saturday, but they were appointments to come and eat and visit with some families. We were sooooo full that day. We ate 3 birthday cakes, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and second dinner with 5 different families. My companion`s sick and has been since Saturday because of all the food and he was inflated. And that`s basically how I spend my birthday....eating. The other elders live with the last family that invited us to second dinner. That had a little surprise waiting for me. It tradition in Bolivia to make a cake out of the birthday boy throwing eggs and flour at him. And that`s exactly what they did to me... It was nasty cleaning up. I sent some pictures. 

Another part of my ``birthday´´ is what we did yesterday. We went to chapari (it`s a jungle) and had fun there, I also will send pictures. It`s funny because for my ``birthday´´ last year, we went to the same place! But that`s the reason that I didn`t write yesterday.

Besides all the fun and hard work that went on this week, I also learned more about the Holy Ghost. In Incachaka (chapari), they were many butterflies that you couldn`t see at first because they blended in well with the environment. As you stepped by them, 10s of them would scatter everywhere. Some of them would even land on me. But with one little movement, it would fly off. The Holy Ghost is the same. It is so delicate that one wrong move and it`ll get offended and go away. I also recognized something else cool. Sometimes while I`m teaching, I noticed I say things that I didn`t know before and teach myself. ``I said what!?´´ That goes in line with Romans 2:21 ``Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself?´´This is true, when the Holy Ghost is there, both are edified.

-Elder Walker

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  1. Very nice thanksgiving pictures 2014 you shared with us. thank you so much. I am sharing with my friend these beautiful pictures.