Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 1 baybee

Querido Familia,
Who knew that I would actualy miss my family?  Weird.  Feels like its been a year.  I didnt realize how much I missed my family untill I left.  The begining of the week was pretty hard.  I spent too much time wondering what you guys were up too, what Im missing, and whos already forgotten about me haha.  But each day it gets better and I focus more on the work.  Missionary work is actualy kind of fun.  It would be more fun if I could peak spanish.  The mission isnt what I thought itd be, but at the same time its all I ever wanted it to be.

The members of the ward here rock.  They arent near as strong as our ward, but theyre really nice and fun people.  Cant lie, nothing beats the Horizon Ward.  You guys are the best ward there is.
Peru!  Wow, Peru.  Peru is the epitamy of the Telestial Kingdom. Everything is covered in dust, graffiti, or trash.  Or hobos.  Dogs of every breed, color, and shape wonder the streets aimlessly.  Theres a million shops.  Probably 3 for every block.  Some people just live in their shop.  The main streets are covered in buses and anarchy.  USA drivers wouldnt stand a chance on these roads.  They have cute little 3 man taxi cabs everywhere for your convenience.  Just raise your hand and any one will stop for you.  Even if theres already 6 people crammed in them.  A select few of these baby taxis are decked out like race cars.  Im pretty sure they have races at night.  Fast and Furious 7 should be filmed here with these cute little taxis.

My first day was weird.  I had 3 hours of sleep cuz of my latino roomates in the ccm.  I met my zone and they all rock.  My very first lunch was with an inactive family.  She gave us a bowl of soup, which was fine until I saw the 2 giant floating chicken legs.  Were they eddible?  No.  Did I partake?  Of course.  Literally tasted like alien feet.  ugh.  At another house, I thought they had some nice smelling candles.  Turns out they were dessert.  Some kind of melted candy that looked and tasted like candle. I cant remember the last time I had a vegetable.  Everythig here is rice and chicken.  Each day when I wake up, I have an awesome freezing cold shower to look forward to.  I have to get myself pumped and ready just to dive in to it.  I turned on the hot water once, even though my copanion told me not too, and I got electricuted hahaha.  I did it again just cuz.

Speaking of my companion- He rocks!  Hes just a normal guy really, but im glad I didnt get stuck with another freaky companion.  Hes fun and loves to borrow my stuff no matter what I say haha.  But he returns it in one peice unlike the latinos at the CCM so I guess its alright.  The only thing that drives me insane is that he is the LOUDEST snorer in the world.  Every nightI get woken up by snores and sounds Ive never even heard before.  

Anyways I guess thats it.  Thank you all for the letters and package.  I got the package mom :)  Although I thought you said you sent a christmas one...  Ive only recieved one so far.  I got Grammy Nash´s letter too and the primary kids :)  I sent a letter home today, but my zone leader said the chances of letters making it home are alot worse than making it here, so if you gues dont get a letter, Im really sorry.  Thats Peru for you.

Til then, I love you all.  I always appreciate letters or emails :)  The mission is where its at.  See yall in 20 months!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker


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