Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zzzz; Dis fruit

Querido familia,

I could really go for a sponge bath right now.  And some of moms famous creamed eggs.  And watch a movie at the same time.  And a hot shower- oh wait I had that this morning!!! WHOOP we got our freezing cold shower fixed!  It was amazing until my head got within 5 inches of the shower head and got the biggest electricution Ive ever felt in my life.  My brain still feels like spinach.  Probably the most dissappointing moment of my mission.  For a second I thought we had a little peice of heaven....  So now I have to lean over my whole time in the shower like in the movie elf.  Well at least its warm.  I also had my first PB&J this week.  My whole life I hated PBJs but there now a delicacy to me.  Also Valentines was crazy because Latinos love to play a game called Carnival which is basically where everyone hangs out in the street all week and soaks everyone that passes by!  This week was so dangerous for Naquiche and I haha, every street we had to run from kids or dodge flying water balloons.  It was funny cause he was the only one that ever got hit.
As you can tell, nothing really happened this week.  We worked especially hard and found little success, but we did put alot of bap dates for the next month which was nice.  Javier still doesnt want to give up his "refreshments".  I know he wants to change, but he really just doesnt know how.  He tells me he repents- but all he does is finish drinking then pray for forgiveness.  haha.  Does that makes sense to any of you?    Im gunna call in a life line for this one- Whats your advice family?

But yup thats it.  Hope you all had a great week.  I got 3 awesome packages this week from my 3 bffs- Hailey, Toni, and mom.  Thank you all for all of your support!  Whether its packages or even little prayers for me and other missionaires, I feel them, and theyre much needed.  Happy late Valentines Day!! 
Con Amurrr ooxxOxXo,

Elder Walker
Personal note to mama Walker:  Yes, I did kiss that goat.  And yes, I did shake hands with a monkey.
The monkey was like the size of my hand!  haha  and btw I disapprove of you guys going to disneyland right after I leave.  As a representative of Jesus Christ, I promise you eternal blessings if you save all partyings, fiestas, vacations, and yummy breakfastes untill november 2015.
Also I did get the package.  Easily the most awesome package Ive ever seen!  Some missionaries get really cool packages but my mommys trumps them all.  Not only was there so much fun stuff, actually I cant even remember all of it because there was so much cool stuff.  Like those exploding balloon hearts jaja!  I appreciated eery bit of the package.  Thank you mom.  Where would I be without you?  No where.  Thats where.

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