Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh happy days

Querido familia,

Oh tis happy days indeed.  Happy birday to Marissa.  Happy groundhog day.  Happy wife hunting to Cameron.  Happy wedding day to my investigators this week.  Happy Happy Happy.
For me, Ive found that im only happy when Im working or doing good stuffs.  For example, I made a goal this last week to not complain a single time on Wednesday.  It was probably the easiest, funnest, and fastest day of the week.  Turns out when youre not looking for the negative, you can only talk about the positive.  And what Craig said is exactly true.  The people we make fun of, we usually end up helping jaja.  The members in the ward that I make fun of with my comp, we somehow end up doing service for or teaching them.
A funny but sad story that happened this week.  We were teaching a family about the spirit world this week.  Latinos absoluetly LOVE ghost stories.  Theyll stop whatever theyre doing to listen and watch.  And I brought up I had a real ghost video on my youtube page so they begged me to watch it.  It was just that dumb one in the park where I animated in a screaming ghost, but they loved it.  But when the ghost popped up, it scared the nuts out of their son Jonotan (the kid I baptized) and he fell and the ground hahaha.  It was hilarious untill he started crying.  Then I felt terrible.  

With investigators- Dina still wont get baptized.  She promises she´ll go to church every week because she loves God more than anything, but then something always comes up- this week she decided to go play at the city pool with her son.  What.
Gloria and her family are getting married this Saturday!!  Yay!!!  The sad part is only half of her family will get baptized with her.  And suggestions Craig?  We´ve  tried everything but her husband and son dont want to repent.

Something that happened alot this week was being turned down.  People in the street would laugh at us or turn us down for no reason.  We even lost a few investigators for reasons I dont even know.  Some people mock us or turn us down just because theyre scared of religion or they dont understand ordinances such as baptism.  Or especially because theyre more interested in themselves and things of this world.  Therefore, they get scared or turn away.  But really what do they have?  They can gain the whole world, but will lose their own soul.  Theyll die and thats the end.  Or maybe they think theyre body will turn into a tree in the next life.  I dont know.  But I dont want to be a tree.  But why would anyone want to believe in nothing?  The wonderful thing about faith is that you have nothing to lose- only so much more to gain!  If not, the greatest gift in the universe- eternal life!  Better question, what reason is there not to believe?  My heart bleeds for those whos only faith is doubt.  If I were given the opportunity, Id give my life just to show them how much I love them and desire them to know the truth of these things.  But such is life.  Everything comes to a point where you need to let go and let God.  I pray that God has a plan, that just maybe the things Ive done will little by little add up in their life, and theyll be brought to a knowledge of the truth.  And this is the truth of my testimony, that God exists and loves all of his children.  That Jesus Christ is our Savior and this is his church.  That by following his example and Gospel, we can live again with our friends and families after this life.  These are such profound things, but also very simple.  And by small and simple things such as faith are great things brought to pass.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

PS Dad the empanadas arent that great here.  But I did learn how to make some peruvian doughnuts called picarones that will make you cry.


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