Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Quesadilla familia,

Happy birthday to me.  This week marked 3 months, 100 days, and 1/8 of my mission.  But whos counting right?  Mom is, thats who.  I got these statistics from her jaja so dont call me trunky yet.
So Craig tells me you guys want to know more of the "every day boring missionary work". Write back and tell me if hes right cause im never sure what you guys want to hear in these letters ha.  Ive decided ill devote a portion of my weekly emails to update you guys on our investigators and mission news.  I think ill call it the "Investigators Papers".  What do you think?  Ya youre right thats dumb.  But its all I got.

Investigators Papers
Naquiche (my companion) was called to district leader this transfer.  I dont like it cause hes not as chill anymore and he always stays up late, but I help him in any way I can.  We also got 2 new missionaries in our ward this transfer, which is cool.  It makes meals with members less awkward and we have alot more fun together.
Familia Flores Castro is the family I talked about last week.  Gloria is the mom and has an outstanding testimony.  Her husband will get married to her next week, but still is lazy and doesnt keep comittments to pray and decide to get baptized yet.  She has 4 kids and theyre all crazy.  Especially Kevin.  Hes 3 years old and finds everlasting joy in doing his best to ruin lessons.
Familia Espinoza consists of 3 familys (so far): the family of Dina, family of Orencia, and family of Juan.  Dina and her son know the church is true but she always bails on going to church at the last second.  Like come on.  Orencia and his family are golden.  All are reading, praying, and searching to know more about the church.  His son Carlos is blown away by me coming to Peru and always wants to know more about The USA.  Juan and his family "never have time" for lessons, but can talk for hours to us about their family business.  I really dont care about it haha.  Just get baptized already ya?

Thats is for the investigator papers.  At our pensionista house we made pizza, quesadillas, and picarones whch are 10 times better than doughnuts.  I would do anything for an American cheeseburger right now though.  Ever since Naquiche became district leader, I swear hes lost it.  We always get in mini fights.  Of course, Im always right.  He also wants to get rid of dinner everyday.  Thats not happening.  Latinos never eat or sleep, I dont get it.

Anyways, there you have it.  Sorry for the extra long letter this week, Im sure you all have better things to be doing with your lives than listening to me rant about latinos and cheeseburgers.  I love and pray for you all.  Keep the faith.  Enjoy your cheeseburgers.

Con Amor
Elder Walker

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