Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6-This is it!

Fotos:  Baptism of Jonaton, my favorite bff in the primary here.  Also my own first baptism ever.  He has a really nice family, even though theyre inactive, but were wroking on it!  It was a super spiritual baptism.

Also, a pic of my tan line.  enjoy.

Querido Familia,

First of all, Happy New Years.  And happy Bday to Mom.  39 right?  Love you.  Hope you guys are having a blasty blast.  I guess this is where my emails start to get complacent haha.  The excitement of starting a mission is over, now you guys just get to hear my rant about the work and whatever other fun things are happening in Peru.

New Years I decided my resolution would be to sleep more, so I slept through the whole thing.  Well except at midnight when the whole city was exploding into world war 3.New Years was 10x the explosions of Christmas.  My other New Years resolution was to give this whole year to the Lord.  Yup, all of 2014 will be Climbing, working, running, suffering, espanol, cold showers, rice and chicken, studying, preaching, baptizing, basically the joys of missionary work.  This might just be the longest year of my life jajaja.

How was your guys testimony meating?  I bet you ours was twice as long as yours.  Here in Peru, there are no awkward silence pressure of wholl go next.  Frankly, its who will be last.  Many members share their testimony even if its just testifying of their love for God and the Saviour.  Its really inspiring.
We also thought none of our investigators would show up to church because none of them were ansering- BAM!  All of them came!!  Like, that never happens.  It was a Christmas miracle.

So there you have it.  I feel like im finally adjusting here, my spanish is at a level where its nowhere near perfect, but I can communicate and understand anything I need to.  I love you guys, I love my friend and family, Ill miss you all this year, but Im needed here. So till then, HAPPEH NEW YEAR!!  Best of luck to all of you in this new, beautiful, sun shiney year.

Con Amor,

Elder Ryan Walker

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