Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mission Possible

Quesadilla familia,

Hows the fam?  Hows home base?  Frankly it feels like the excitement is dying down back home.  Which is good news cause I was pretty jealous.  With the continuous growth of my spanish, im thinkin ill be alright out here.  Being a gringo has its perks too.  No matter how bad my spanish is, people stare at me and laugh, so either way its a good time.  Sometimes people only listen to us cause Im white.  Some girl investigators are really only investigating me LOL.  They came to church which is sweet, but all they really are is snakes.  But hey, flirt to convert right?

The start of last week we had cambios which turned out to be really sad, because all of the gringos except 1 were transferred out of my zone.  Anderson, Stephens, Sister Moe-ses, Sister Sales, all my homies are gone.  But its alright because I made some new homies.  Theres another Elder Walker here now, which always confuses things.  Always my bff Elder Anderson went home today.  It really surprised me because he only had 8 months left.  LIke youre almost there, why quit now?  It seems like so many misionaries are just throwing in the towel.  We all have the same temptation, but they forget why theyre out here.  Last friday we had a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with many good members of the ward in our investigators home.  The wife wants to get married and baptised, but her husband doesnt support her in either, so the kids are lost too.  But throughout the evening we talked about faith, and the foundation of faith in the family.  At the end, the wife bore her testimony about how she knows the church is true, and desires nothing more in the world than to see her family get baptised and join the church with her.  I cant describe her testimony because it was in spanish haha, but it was very powerful.  Especially because she has only been an investigator for 6 weeks, her knowledge of the gospel and pure faith and desire to follow Christ blew me away.  In that moment I realized that Ive been called out here because there are many more people like her that need this Gospel.  I realized that I need to get over myself and anything holding me back, because a mission isnt the best fun 2 years of your life.  Its the best 2 years of service youll ever give.  And when you lose yourself in the work and just serve and help others, thats when youll find true everlasting joy.  And thats when it becomes the best 2 years.

Con Amor
Elder Walker

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