Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Im a big boy now, wow!

Querido familia,

Yijole por fin el transfer ha llegado!!  Transfers are finally here and we find out in 2 hours who goes where.  Im mostly excited just to be a normal missionary now.  When youre "nuevecito" (new) no one really listens to you lol.  My training ends today, which is weird because i feel like it ended last transfer, and im sailing on.   I hope I get a flat area, Im tired of living on a hill
 Im not too sure how i feel at this point.  If I had 3 words to describe my first 4 months, Id say hot, dirty, and stressful.  Maybe alittle exhaggerated, but its true.  Ive learned so much and experienced a complete different life style here.  Ive made alot of new friends and memories too.  Im alittle sad that I might leave Naquiche today, but im ready for change.  We had alot of fun memories together.  Just yesterday there was a large temblor (small earthquake) and he was in the bathroom at the time, JAJA!  So poor Naquiche was freaking out trying to escape the bathroom without finishing during the temblor.
 A drunk guy stole my lucky pencil this week.  Very sad day for me.  I also ate some seviche for the first time, which i really shouldnt have done, and was sick all saturday and sunday.  Seviche is gross raw fish sprinkled with lemon juice and salt.  Dont ask me why I ate it, I was curious.  I payed the price the next day.  Never eating seviche again.  Never.  Nope.  Never.

We dropped a few investigators this week, and suprisingly found 3 new awesome golden families to teach!  A little sad now that we might get transferred, but nothing makes a missionary happier than finding and teaching awesome families that are interested and understand the Gospel.

Well thats all folks.  Tune in next week for transfer and companion news!  Hope you all have a great week, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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