Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Moving up

Querido familia,

So funny story, straight out of training this transfer I was called to be a District Leader!!!  We also had 7 baptisms this week and a hot tub party.

Now if youre listening to the Spirit, none of that is true.  But a missionary can dream can´t he?  Nah transfers this week were boring.  Literally nobody changed in my zone, especially Gaibor our zone leader who has 9 months in this area and I was really hoping would be transfered.  Naquiche and I are still companions which means I still wont get any sleep for another 6 weeks (His snoring gets worse every day).

But in good news we found 3 more golden families this week!!  Only one went to church, but hey things are looking up.  My spanish has reached a point where its not one of my big concerns.  I can understand and speak fluently without problems or having to continuously ask Como? or Que??  or Laughing awkwardingly and dumping the conversation on my companion haha.  Frankly, things are looking up :)  My teaching has gotten pretty solid.  I focus more on pure doctrine and direct questions rather than talk alot of flower or dance around a hard question such as marriage or keeping committments.

Other than that things are going well!  Im healthy, happy, and try to be as obedient as I can, especially since many Latinos are terribly disobedient.  I love you all, pray for you all, and hope you have a week full of sunshine and flowers!  Cuidense y siempre recuerden que su Padre Celestial les ama ;)

Con Amor
Elder Quaker

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