Monday, March 31, 2014

Break Away

Quelindo familia,

First Id like to personally thank everyone who helped me through my situation last week.  Which would be nobody.  Not even my president wrote me back jaja.  Now im certain he doesnt read the weekly emails, so Ive created a nice copy and paste to send every week to save time.

In news, this year is earthquake year!  I saw on the news theres an increase number of quakes and temblors this year, and theres usually a big one every 5-6 years.  The last one was 6 years ago...  Sweet!!
I taught my dinner pensionista how to make egg mc muffins.  It was the most delicious meal Ive had since I got here.
I was invited to my first baby shower in a members home this week.  I love baby showers, but its during conference, so Ill have to choose between the prophet and a baby shower with the relief society.... Ill need to pray about this one.

The moral of this week is the Spirit.  I think I finally out what it means to get lost in the work this week.  With Naquiche, I usually let him do most of the work, and was kind of lazy.  Well, more so insecure.  But when he left 2 weeks ago, I was forced to grow up.  It was time Papa bird left the nest and I learn on my own.  It was time that I spread my wings, and I learn how to fly.  Ill do what it takes till I touch the sky.  You gotta make a wish, take a chance, make a change.... and break away.
My new companion is alot more obedient and boring, but I noticed that we had the Spirit alot more when we focused on the work.  I could teach and testify stronger and speak spanish like nothing.  So I guess my point is that obedience, humility, and patience are keys to opening the Spirit.  And when the doors open, it can fill the room for as long as we dont shut it out.

In conclusion, Ill leave you with a lesson I gave in a family home evening.  I made everyone shut their eyes.  I silently walked outside and called to a member, "Mama Isabel!  Donde estoy yo? (Where am I?)"  And she thought for a second and said, "Youre outside!"  And Im like ya!  Then everyone opened their eyes and I asked, "How did you know that I was outside?"  She said, "I listened and pondered where you are, because youre voice was harder to hear outside."
Sometimes I feel like the Spirit is the same in our lives.  There are times when its not inside of us, telling us clearly and loudly what to do.  Usually its outside trying to speak to us, trying to get back in, but were too busy to take a moment and listen.  I testify that in the course of our lives when were not feeling the Spirits presence or guidance, if we just take a moment to listen.... and ask ourselves where its at...... if we listen and have faith, well open the door and Heavenly Father can guide us.

As you go about your week, take moments to listen to the Spirits presence.  I love you all, and guarantee that if you do these things, youll have a successful happy week.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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