Monday, March 31, 2014

What about love? What about our Promises?? ñ

Querido familia,

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ive officially had the lowest week of my mission this week.  It started out the best- Naquiche and I were flying through lessons, with 5 baptisms coming last saturday!!  We were also having so much fun in the process.  But then we got a call on tuesday night.  That call.  Naquiche was to be emergency transferred and I was to recieve a new companion the next morning.  Apparently there were political problems in Valenzuela and all missionaries foreign were shipped out.  Several arrived from valenzuela here, and one actually was to become my companion!  I was really sad to see Naquiche go so soon.  I sang him a love song as he left lol.  My new companions name is Elder Guerra.  Hes from bolivia santa cruz and is one of the weirdest people ive ever met.  He mumbles so I knew from the first moment I met him I wouldnt understand a lick of his spanish.  He snores out of his mouth which is something Ive never seen before.  And I thought Naquiche was a terrible snorer.  He talks to himself alot, sometimes I think in a language that doesnt exist.  Oh and his favorite word is "listo".  Hes 100% obedient and 100% frustrating too haha.  Usually when missionaries try to be 100% obedient, it is a good thing, but they tend to lose the Spirit.  All week hes been changing our schedule, filling out paperwork, and talkiing about numbers.  I kind of want my companion from the MTC back hahaha.  In Valenzuela I guess they did things this way.  Ive been trying to show him that people matter, not lessons, but he doesnt seem to get it.  I cant describe my week to you, but we ended up only having 1 baptism.

Its been a long week.  Please pray that I can make it to the end of transfers haha.  I guess this is part of the sacrifice of serving a mission.  But in good news, my spanish is completely fluent!!  With Naquiche gone, I took the charge in all lessons and found out I can speak spanish jajaa que rico es!!  I also thought someone stole my camera card with all my mission photos this week, but when I got home I had never brought them with me to begin with hahaaa.  Im definitley losing it.

I love you all, hope you had a better week than I did.  I promise better news next week.  God loves you, dont forget it!!  He has a purpose for everything.

Con Amor,
Elder Walker
fredy quispe- interesting guy.  19 years old, had alot of doubts about the church and authority.  In a month and a half we taught him, he prayed about it, and now has a strong testimony.  A testimony he found for himself. 
oh and farewell of Naquiche


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