Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sound the war cry

Querido familia,

Sounds like all of you had bad weeks this week.  Except Marissa and Jacky, cuz they never write.  But your letters bring me joy knowing that I dont have to worry about these things and the world for another year and a half.

I dont have much to share this week, as every week consists of the same goods.  I finally learned how to fill out the paperwork for investigadors.  Turns out my companion hasnt done it for like 2 months so of course I have to clean up after him again.  ja.  But to be honest this week was a little discouraging.  We had a baptism all planned out for Saturday, for the son of one of our recent converts.  But then his father (the same man who wouldnt give up drinking) told his son things that a father shouldnt and scared his son out of his baptism.  Im really at a loss for this man.  As dad put it, he "sounded the war cry".

But enough about bad news, In good news we have several investigadors planned to be baptized this satuday. :)  After many months Dina and her son will finally be baptized and already feel a part of the family and happiness that resides in the Church of Jesus Christ.  The church really is a giant family that we can always turn to apart from the hardness of the world.

The work is going good, I hope all of you are staying strong and faithful!  The church is true, and God has a plan for all of his children!!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

Ps Sorry if my letters have offended any of you.  Everyone is different, and frankly, I do write weird.  But missionarys are allowed to make mistakes too.  Nobodys perfect, and the purpose of agency is to learn.  And someday well all get there. :)

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