Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2 I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly...

Querida familia,
Out of the darkness and into the sun!  But I won't forget all the ones that I love...
Well, wow.  Wow.  I've got so much to say, but few words come out.  I never saw this coming so soon.
Last Monday was sad, as I was called to get changed and had to say goodbye to all the sweet familias I had gotten to know the last 6 months.  That's something I don't like about the mission, is falling in love with so many awesome people then leaving them in one night.  But it was time.  I'll miss Elder Sosa, but also feel super relieved to not be his babysitter anymore lol.
On Tuesday, I was SUPER nervous, as anything could happen.  Junior companion?  District Leader? Zone Leader?  Terrible companion?  Amazing companion?  Just read the list already!!!  I thought for sure I'd get moved back down to junior companion haha.  But let's just say the Lord heard all my prayers and was about to answer them.  President kept reading off the list- "As Lideres de Zona en San Felipe!.....  Elder Naquiche con Elder Brimhall!"  Elder Brimhall from my group is now with my Papi!  That's sweet!  "As companions in Santa Isabel, Elder blah blah."  Phew close one.  "As Zone Leaders in Los Angeles (my first zone)...  Elder Blackham with Elder Moreyra!  ......and Elder Walker!!"  WHAT?!  Noooo!!  AHhhhahahaa!  All 3 of us ran to the middle and screamed like girls haha.  WOW a trio?!  As Zone Leader?!!  I would have never imagined, especially cause I already know them both and we're bffs.  Woohoo!
This whole week has honestly been awesome.  At first I was suuuuper tired because its A LOT of work (We have to do 6 work visits a WEEK).  But each day gets better.  We're learning more and working harder.  I'm loving it.  Not like many people who would think as politics, that being Zone Leader or district leader is cool because people respect you and you have power.  I love it because I'm with 2 companions who ACTUALLY work, know how to, and are a lot of fun.  I enjoy helping other people and correcting errors in missionary work.  It's all about service, and nothing else.  I'm not a perfect missionary, rather I make a lot of mistakes.  But I guess God calls us in our weaknesses.  And I'm happy to know He still trusts and believes in me.  With all this new change, I've destroyed old bad habits and have found happiness getting lost in the work; inviting others to come unto Christ.
The other cool part is that I'm back in El Progreso!!!  Its sosoo weird seeing my first area where I was born.  I've already met several members who remember me more than any other missionary and shared many great moments with them.  It's brought back so many memories- both good and terrible/trunky.  My area is actually in the ward right next door, Los Angeles.  My zone has 20 missionaries and 3 wards.  Its the very last zone on the outskirts of Lima, so it's actually really dirty and run down haha.  But I feel at home again. :)
Well that's all folks.  Questions?  Comments?  Jokes?  Complaints?  Good.
Love you all, stay true, stay strong, stay fresh.
Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Mision Peru Lima Norte

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