Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March Madness

Querida familia,

Well, I'm officially done being Zone Leader.  LOL jk I still freakin LALALOVE IT!!!  Its even cooler as a trio too.  I do a work visit 2-3 days a week, so its like 3 sleepovers every week.  I love all the missionaries in my zone.

My companions are starting to turn into ehhh.  This last week they've really started to get lazy, and I've been the only diligent one.  They're becoming more the mercy, leaving me as the justice of the zone.  bleh.  But I keep working hard.  Don't matter what others do, you're decisions decide your happiness.  The moment you let others influence you more than God, is the moment you enslave yourself.  James 4:4.

I also deal with a lot of trash as a ZL.  Like, its unbelievable the things that happen to missionaries.  Most of them for their own dumb choices.  But it's cool, papi Walker has to play babysitter again and clean up their mess.  Most of the time it just makes me laugh though.  Makes me feel like a sane person.

We finally have baptisms on the way!!!  LOL Looks like I get to be a harvester after all.  Get ready for March, cause its going to be March Madness >:)  My convert Freddy is also helping me and bearing his testimony to investigators.  Hes been a huge help!   He gets his Mission call Tuesday!!!!!  Stay tuned!

The highlight of my week was definitely the temple.  After 15 months, I FINALLY got to go to the temple.  Didn't go once in 2014.  As missionaries, we only get to go twice a year, so I'll pass those last 2 from last year as freebies this year ;)
But for real.  It was so nice to see the temple.  We passed through Lima Central, 20 times more beautiful than where the missions at.  Kinda felt like I was in the states again.  Kinda.  When I arrived in 2013 I honestly thought the temple wasn't that great.  But after 16 months, its gorgeous!  It was great to see the temple video again, always makes me cry.  And after so much time, I felt relieved to renew my covenants.  Now as a leader and have left my old habits behind, I get to start again and feel the Spirit´s influence more profoundly daily.

Well Ive written a lot.  Kind of tired.  Love y'all, chao chao!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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