Friday, February 13, 2015

Wo-February 9, 2015

Querida familia,
First of all lemme say, HAPPY BIRRRFTHFTHPFTHDAY to my bff best sissy Marissa!!!  Duh dut duh dum dum dum!  Cumnpleanos feliz!
moving on.
Wow.  Is it seriously the third week of this change already??  I can't even remember what happened this week.  Work.  That's what happened.  Before we came, the zone was pretty poopy.  Only 5 baptisms last month and many problems between companionships.  But, with many changes that I and my compys have felt inspired to do, and a few spankings, the zone has changed a lot!  As a zone, our goals are to have 32 lessons a week, 100 street contacts, and at least 15 baptismal invitations.  And many accomplished it!!  And they shall be rewarded ;)  And if we hit our monthly goal of 16 baptisms, we have to invite them all to pizza!!!  (Which would be good and bad news cause I'm kind of broke).
So if you cant tell, I'm kind of enjoying being a Zone Leader.  Its ALUUT of work.  But as long as I just set the example, the missionarys do most of the work.  My companions are awesome.  Elder Blackham is from Northern Las Vegas (if you wanna chat with his fam, mom).  Went to Legacy High School. Chill guy who always wants to talk about sports or girls.  I can dig.  Elder Moreyra is from Santa Fe, Argentinia.  And if any of you have had an Argentinian companion, you know they have a short temper and love direct jokes.  But they also have a funny accent hehe.  Instead of pollo he says posho.  It's kind of rubbing off on me though.  He always catches me saying posho or quesadisha when I don't realize.
As for investigators, of course as always, I arrive at my new area and it is DRY of all baptismal dates.  I'm never called to be the harvester.  #sower4life.  So mas adelante I'll be sending baptism pics.  blah.
Hope yall have a super pooper great week, and keep writing, I love reading all your letters.
Love you all, bye!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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