Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yah Photos :)

Querida familia,
I think it's time you all knew the truth.  I've been hiding it for quite a long time now, but just didn't have the nerve to tell any of you.
I'm.... ... ...... a Mormon.
...I lost my camera.
I know.  Nothing has made me more sad my whole mission.  Although I was smart and every month updated my fotos, so I really only lost very few.  But still.  Not only did it hold so many memories.... but it also cost me 500 soles and many tears.
During the changes, I accidently left a bag in the offices.  I have no idea who has the nerve to go through my bag, take out my camera, and leave the case, especially because only missionarys go through there.  But I came back after a few days, and a missionary had found it and returned it to me with no idea how it got where it was.
So there's the story.  That's life here in Peru.
Anyways, to better news!  Well, just more boring zone news haha.  Half way through, we've already passed our goal of last month now with 6 baptisms.  Many companionships are completeing the zone goals and the ones that do are the ones having success.  Numbers do show.  I love my zone and am super happy to be with this zone, as you all know my last zone was terrible.  (Well I may have left that part out).  I'm making friendships that will last a lifetime.
The sweetest part is that I've already seen all my converts from a year ago here in Progreso.  Gloria and her daughter Lesly are both teachers of different classes and super active.  Way active.  Too active.  I love it.  My other convert, Freddy, is now pútting in his papers this week and will get his call soon.  I should be here long enough to see him leave for the mission. :)  Nothing has made me happier!!  This week he's going to go out with us so we'll get to catch up on old memories and I can start training him for his mish. :D
Elder Sosa also let me know that my last 2 investigadors, Cyntia and Valeria were also baptized last week.  Woohoo!!  I wasn't invited to the baptism..... :,(

So ya.  Just working hard and livin' that mish life.  Love you all, glad to hear everythings getting better back home.  Seems like January was a bad month for everybody, but now it's all goooood right?  Happy Valentine's Day!!  Hasta la Pasta!
Con Amor,
Elder Walker
Photos:   Me and my BFF Elder Foster, My District, My Zone and another Zone en el centro

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