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Cameron's letter 10-3-11

Cam with Elders

Cam with Elder Bronco

Baptisms 10-11

Baptism of 92 year old
RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just had to do the same thing Marissa did.

The week of conference is one of our busiest weeks. There are several chances for people to go to church and we work extra hard to get people there. However, people tend to not go to church when it is much easier to go. I don't really understand why. We worked so hard, and we baptized!!

We found a woman this week called Denise. She listened to the message of the restoration. She didn't talk very much which led me to believe that she wasn't understanding, but I'm pretty sure she understood. She agreed to read and pray about the book of Mormon and we marked to visit her again on Thursday. When we got there on Thursday she said she had bad news for us. We thought that it would be something awful. She informed us that she had not read. Her friend saw us leave her house the last visit and shortly after the friend went by her house saying that our church doesn't like black people and that apparently it says that in the book. She took the book with her to show the preacher of their church. Her friend never gave the book back. We showed up there and gave her another book. WE showed her Nephi 26:33 which explains how God will accept anyone who seeks him independent of color. She said, "well it's very clear that what my friend said was a lie." She said she will not trust anyone but God on a decision like this. She doesn't agree with some of the things that her pastor has been saying. She will read, ask God, and she will receive an answer. 

Another miracle of the week was Wellington. He is the boyfriend of a member of the other ward in the city. He had already been taught by the missionaries in the past, but they never returned. We went there to see where he was at. He had already been to church, read the book of mormon, and he knew it was true. He always had wondered why Christ only appeared in Jerusalem. We read together 3 Nephi 11. It shows when Christ appeared in the Americas and talks about baptism. After reading the chapter. I asked what he liked most about the chapter. He said baptism. We held back our joy. Elder Branco then invited him to be baptized. He asked when it would be. He said as soon as possible -- in other words, today. He accepted. The bishop was way excited for this  because he wants to send him on a mission. However, it looks like he is wanting to get married. We'll see how this plays out. 

I missed the first session of conference and almost all of the third session. We showed up Saturday afternoon, and the satellite stuff wasn't working. The leaders got everything worked out by the second session. They simply used the internet of a laptop and hooked that up to a projector. The blessings of technology--internet in any place and conference live on the internet in Portuguese!  I enjoyed many of the talks, but I don't remember a whole lot. I remember a lot of talks being about missionary work. I really appreciated Elder Holland's talk in the priesthood session.

Love you all. The church is true and President Monson is a living Prophet of God. 

More love,

Elder Walker

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