Monday, October 10, 2011

Marissa's first week of October 2011

Hola familia from the beautiful smelly country of Spain!

I continue to love being a missionary!  The Lord continues to bless us with many tender mercies and I am silenced by the love he has for me as I grow in the gospel and the language.  The first week was hard because people talk so fast, all I could do was smile back and say "I don´t understand you but I am so excited for your baptism!"  This week I can finally understand the jist of the conversations and have started to speak more in the lessons and socializing.  Believe it or not I was sooooo shy the first week, but now that I am starting to adjust and know everyone I am slowly opening back up.  We have been so busy this week from moving, training, cleaning, and missionary work.  There is a big celebration going on right now called PILAR, it´s a catholic thing.  So everyone keeps cancelling and firing us.  Pretty much all that goes on is a lot of drinking and they wear these overall pants that everyone signs as they sag them below their drawers...very odd.  This is when all the teenagers come out.

There are about 15 different smells here and none of them are good.  Everyone and their dog either smokes, has a dog, or both so I think I´ll die from 2nd hand smoke.  There is a train that we call the shaky train, feels like an earthquake and all us missionaries start shimming when we get on it´s funny.  We take the train or the bus everywhere and meet some interesting people.  One we met was Elane (pronounced Alien).  She has been reincarnated from Cleopatra, is every religion(soon to be Mormon haha), has had many visions from God, and is a hippy from I know what Cameron has to deal with crazy Brazilians.  We gave her a Book of Mormon in Portugeese because she collects bibles, she is really nice though and has a lot of faith!  We asked her to say the closing prayer and it was silent for 5 minutes, finally we asked if she would say one out loud.  We had a good laugh afterwards.  My comp. said that was the most interesting experience she has had on the mish and she has been here for a while.  Lot´s of gypsy´s here they all have dredlocks and dig out of the trash can.  You can hear them clanking around at night.  Everyone is either Catholic, Evangelical, or Athiest.  The Nicaraguens and all of the south americans are the nicest people and the easiest ones to commit to baptism.  I love them.

oh and good news.....MY DANCE WORKSHOP WAS APPROVED!!!!!!!   Funny thing is everyone before me tried to get it approved and president always said no.  He must like me and feels I am qualified.  He says he thinks it is a fantastic idea the way we explained it and can´t wait to hear about the success from it. He says all I have to do is where missionary attire and make sure the music is clean.  The branch coucelor is worried and doesn´t get it but I told him not to worry and to trust me. He´s a little intense.  All the member and investigators are sooooo excited and are bringing friends!  They are esp. excited because it´s latin dancing.  It´s a big melting pot here...people from all over the world so I think I´ll switch it up each week.  Samba for the Africans, cha cha this week for the south americans, and foxtrot and waltz for all the others from europe and russia.  I can´t wait!   I´ll keep you posted on how it goes.  We will be holding dances at the end of each month for the members and their nonmember friends to show off their moves.  We also along with dance teach English every Saturday.  It´s fun!  I feel like mom pulling out all the elementary songs in English for everyone to try.  Mom as much as I dreaded doing them growing up their coming in pretty handy now.  This is finally when all my skills are coming in handy piano(already had to lead then play for sacrament), dance, English, kid games, the list goes on.

I have to give a talk then sing with my companion in church next week.  Church is amazing, the people are amazing and we had 5 investigators there this week.  Everyone wants our attention everywhere we go and we just can´t please everyone but we somehow balance our time well.  Lot´s of fun stories to tell but not enough time!  Darn.  Well I love you all and enjoy reading each of your letters.  Dad you make me laugh, I know how much you enjoy being boss!  Looks like I´ll just have to bring Ballroom back to your school in 3 years.  Mom why are you always hurting yourself?  Take care of yourself haha.  Craig why have you disappeared off of planet earth come back!  Ryan I´m proud of you and all your success´s.  Emily I love and miss you terribly.  Cameron...I FINALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH!!!!!   being a missionary is hard!!!!!!  it is work, but I love it.  Anything for my Savior Lord, and King.  I know this work is his work.  I wish I could share ALL of the wonderful things I am learning in the scriptures and from people but all that matters is that by following the Savior we become our best self´s, by following the Savior we are living his gospel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Now restored on this earth again.  I love you all have a magnificent week!

Hermana Walker

We have gone from 1 baptism to 4 with a date at the end of the month. 

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