Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of Cameron's 21st Birthday

Dear Family,

All I can say is lots of RAIN!! As we are here in Nova Friburgo which flooded last January, the people are Freaking out!! Rain is scaring everyone into thinking that the same disasters will happen again. We woke up one morning to a thunder that I'm sure was more than one minute. I thought it was a semi on our street because it was actually rattling the windows. All this started Tuesday and has been off and on for the rest of the week. Rain makes our work pretty difficult, but we manage. The river her fills up so quickly. There is one part where it over flowed. We had no other choice but to cross. My shoes got really muddy, but my feet didn't get wet.

As we visit Rosane and her family, they continue to grow in the gospel. They are wonderful people. We can't go to their house without them offering food, and she doesn't let us leave until we've eaten. I'm not complaining... Her two sons are way awesome. They want to go to church and participate with the soccer there. Unfortunately the rain is keeping everyone indoors this week. When we went to her house on Saturday, the mood was a bit saddening. Rosane had just lost a dear friend that day. We gave a very comforting lesson about the plan of salvation. What a blessing it is to know of the plan. When we truly believe and accept the plan Heavenly Father has created for us, life and death have much more hope. We know why we're here and where we are going. We don't need to worry about our family members because we know we will see them again. She really appreciated the lesson, and expressed here desire to some day make it to the "sun".

Marinez, the elderly lady we are teaching, was terrified this week. She doesn't like the rain, and she sits in the window worrying about her family. She shared the stories from the disaster which from her stories it really was a disaster.

The best part of my week had to have been a lesson we taught with Maykom, our recent convert. We took him with us to teach his neighbor. It was a very special and spiritual lesson. Without knowing, he interrupted me and bore his testimony about the book of mormon and invited our investigator to read and pray. He then apologized, but what he didn't know is that he said everything perfectly. We didn't even ask him to do that. The investigator felt it, I'm sure. After the lesson Maycom asked us if we always feel this way. We said that what he is feeling is the spirit. This is the spirit that can only be felt when you help others and participate in missionary work. He wants to teach many more lessons with us. He was so excited that he brought a friend to church on Sunday. Which brings me to my next thought. We are trying to marry him. We talked about all the options in the ward, then he mention this "friend" he has. We told him to take her to church, we'll teach her, then Maykom can baptize her. /It'll be perfect.

The church is true. The world may have different opinions, but those who really know the gospel and understand it and live it, know it to be true. Just like John 7:17 we have to give it a test drive to know. It is a blessing to know the things we know through the restoration and a living prophet.

Com amor,

Elder Walker
Cam-did you get your b’day package?  How does it feel to be 21?  Legally blond?

Not yet. I live a little distant from the rest of the mission so maybe it has already arrived and I just don't know. I'm not yet 21. I'll let you know how it feels next week.

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