Monday, October 3, 2011

First letter from Marissa officially in the field-Zargosa is her first area.


Yeah finally made it here!  Felt like I was never going to make it or go on a mission.  Haha.  It was hard saying goodbye to everyone at la CCM in Madrid.  I absolutely adored President and his wife who said to keep in touch so they can send me a wedding gift.  That man is so inpiring I learned so much from him and I dance with his niece.  The French Tahitians showered us with gifts, I felt like a crappy American so I gathered some American money and dodads to share with them.  Don´t tell them you like something of theirs or they´ll give it to you haha. 

President Hinckley is great!  His spirit is just as cute and funny as his fathers.  They took good care of me and were just so fun and nice.  He´s really relaxed and easy going, but man I felt so close to the spirit around him with all of his powerful and welcoming word´s!  Did you see me on the blog yet?  The city is breathtaking, not like any cite I´ve seen before.  So much that I couldn´t help but let a few tears go. My companion is wonderful!  We get along so well and I´ve learned so much from her already.  she´s a mix of Brooke McEween and Tenaya Mortenson, looks and personality!  She´s from Utah (shocker! ha).

My first area is ZARAGOZA!  Everyone seems to know Elder Bradley haha, they all say hi Graham.  The apartment and city here is probably the worst smell you will smell in your entire life.  The first night we woke up in the middle of the night because it smelt so bad.  It´s a rotten fishy smelly hairball drain smell, I´ll leave out other details.  We´re moving to a new piso(apt) in a week.  There is so much to be done here and so many things on our to do list.  The companion before me was very sick so they didn´t have much success or do much.  This week we went from having one investigator to having 5.  I´m pumped and like dad ready to change this place with new ideas and enthusiasm for the work.  I asked president if I could hold a dance class for my service every sat.  Still waiting to here back. 

I have been humbled.  It was like a fish being thrown from the American land into the Med sea.  My eyes are now opened to how important this work truly is. I have been enlightened all week and learned so much about myself and the power that God can truly have in our lives.  God gets his power just from us obeying him, keeping our covenants, commandments, ordinances, etc.  That is the same way the ad The first 3 days were the hardest days of my life haha.  I was a little homesick but with positive attitude pushed through it and am on fire now and bearly think about home. I am so grateful to live in America and have a spectacular family.  It´s amazing how far a positive attitude and simple Hello goes.  I may not be fluent in the language but I understand the jist of it and have been able to have success through the spirit.  Even one lady told me that she felt her daughters presence and energy there.  wow!  The first day I was so shy and quiet and just observed everything.  so  un-marissa like!   The next day I got over it and just decided that I had to start somewhere and immersed myself in the work and language.  I say Hola to every person and they are like do I know you? and on the bus, "Puedo practicar mi español con usd?"  ¡Si, Si!  They all love my American accent or think I´m this guarda from England they say.  But it works and we have gained so many numbers from me just being my silly funny self and opening my mouth.  They all think I´m funny so it makes me feel good about myself.  We are told that we chose to be missionaries in the pre-existence, this means if we have a desire we must act upon it. I believe wonder I couldn´t get it out of my head until I just made the choice to go.  Now I´m just loving it.  My testimony has grown so much and everything finally makes sense.  I relate to these Spaniards so well because they´re stubborn but so am I.  Spain spanish is hard and so different! 

We´re teaching Fanny, Sarpong, Dorcus, Cintia, Enoch, and Juan Pablo.  haha crazy names huh?  They all have so much faith and will be baptized.  No doubt!  Lot´s of immigrants from all over here.  Africa, south America, France, then there´s me.  The food is good but I´ve already had a lot of fish and octopus.  Soon to have snail!  yuck!  There were cochroches all over one of the members kitchen.  I feel like I´m in South America in this city.  Lot´s of poverty here, gypsy´s, and nobody has jobs with the economy.  The driver´s are nuts here!  I´ve already seen 2 accidents.

I loved conference esp. Uchdorf´s talk on the forget me not flower during the relief society conference!  A lot of the apostles are getting old!  It´s crazy because where they are building the temple in provo I lived right down the street.  That was my stake center that burnt down!  But I know the church is God´s kingdom est here once again on the earth, The church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day SAINTS.  i love the work and challenge you to invite someone to church this week because they are not progressing if they are not at church.  love you all!

Hermana Walker

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