Monday, October 24, 2011

21st Birthday

Dear Family,

The week was very exciting. The rain still hasn't stopped. It doesn't rain a lot, but just enough to get you wet if you don't use an umbrella. 

The first thing we did after email last week was a zone activity. We played soccer and met up with the returned missionary who baptized Elder Branco's mom. For a while now, Elder Branco has been looking for Elder Ramos who baptized his mom. He only knew that he is from the stake where we are at. We finally found him. He shared his testimony of missionary work. It was cool to think that maybe someday that could be us too. But the miracle didn't stop there... (you'll find out near the end of the email)

I hurt my toe playing soccer. I think it was jammed because it hurt every time I stepped on it. I later called Sister Lima to find out what she wanted me to do. She asked a lot of  questions and found out that I was playing soccer without shoes. Her response: Não pode (you can't do that!). Well I took a bit of pain medicine and went out to work. It got much better the next day. 

For my birthday, I did the thing all missionaries like. Eat and Baptize. We received money for lunch, so we went to the center of the city and we ate at a pasta buffet. It was way good. They give three different kinds of sauces to use, then the waiters come around and offer different kinds of pastas. Then came the pizzas and the dessert pizzas. The bad part was that Elder Malinconico, the new guy, had his wisdom teeth taken out the day before. He had to sit there and watch the three of us eat as much as we want. Afterward we hit the road. That night we visited Eleziene who went to church on Sunday. She is a friend of our recent convert, Maykon. We took Maykon there too. She is really cool. We invited her to be baptized, but she got a little scared thinking it is early. She asked Maykon to help her, but Maykon said, "That's the way they are." She accepted. I just happened to have a substitute for coffee in my bag, and in that instant we threw away her coffee. She was prepared by the Lord because everything we taught, she accepted. When we taught about coffee, she said that she was already trying to stop. We set it up so that Maykon would baptize her (already having the priesthood). 

On Friday night we got a little adventurous and decided to eat a snack. We got to the place and saw an item called Mega Tudo. Which is like Ultimate Hamburger. We both got one. The guy said we wouldn't finish it. He was right. Elder Branco finished. Maybe if I weren't so old with 21 years old I would be able to finish it. The picture is the one fourth of it that I didn't eat.

Rosane and family. We continued visiting them. They are progressing well. Rosane really wants her kids to join a church. Every time we go there, we cannot leave without eating or receiving some sort of present. As of now I have received a Brazil shirt, a little cow statue, gum, socks and much more. On Sunday, Rosane and Adriano were the only ones who went to church. We'll have to get the others next week. We visited them after church and invited Adriano to be baptized. (Rosane isn't married and lives with her boyfriend). Adriano will give us the answer on our next visit, but he has already expressed desire to serve a mission (due to the awesome sacrament meeting).

Now for the miracle. This missionary who baptized Elder Branco's mom went to our ward this Sunday. The bishop invited him to bear his testimony at the pulpit along with Elder Branco and Maykon. This is the awesome part. Elder Ramos baptize my companion's mom. Elder Branco served a mission and baptized Maykon. Maykon showed the church to and now baptized his friend Eleziene. I've attached the photo.

The church is true. Miracles exist and are part of the gospel. 

Hoping to baptize Adriano next week,

Must be his hurt toe

Looks Yummy!

Just Beautiful!
Elder Walker

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