Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marissa's First Baptism

Not a huge holiday here.  hardly anyone goes full out or dresses up and if they do it´s usually a witch or a devil.  For all I know people could think that we are dressed up as missionaries.  The ward through a really good party though! 
So the thing I didn´t mention that we do as missionaries besides sitting in the MTC studying all day, praying a lot for people, and giving lessons to investigators is BAPTIZE!!!!!!!!  Yes that is right I had my first baptism this Saturday Juan Pablo from Columbia.  It was wonderful and reminded me why I am here.  It gets hard lesson after lesson and no baptisms, but when there is one it reminds you that success is possible.  We also promised him that if he was baptized he would find work....the day after his baptism bam!  he did.
DANCE CLASSES huge success.  We have received so many new investigators and future investigators through the great worldly attraction of dance!  There is a spirit felt through music and dance that sometimes cannot be felt through words. The first class was a huge success but that night was frustrating putting it together because the other branch had a party in our space for dance.  The chapel isn´t very big so we had it outside on the soccer field but then everyone from the other branch wanted to combine and join but do their stuff first.  I was a little flustered at first with them interupting my dance class and I thought it was rude but by the end of the party everyone wanted to learn cha-cha.  So I ended up having more than double the people at the beginning of the class.  It was a miracle in disguise because all the people who were not members had so much fun with the dancing that after my spiritual thought at the end they all wanted to come to church the next day.  We had over 10 PEOPLE in church that next day!  Really neat because it´s really hard here to get one even two to church.  Well that news got back to president and he told the zone leaders, serving here in Zaragoza, that he was really impressed and excited about the new missionaries here.  He sent me a personal text saying how proud he was of us and our success.  From there out of all the missionaries in the mission we made it on the mission news!  Woo-hoo!  It has continued these last two weeks to be successful.  Lot´s of Argentines in the ward so I did Tango and they all just drink it up like soup.
We had intercanbios which means just a missionary exchange.  I went to Sabedell for 3 days which is the city or outskirt right outside of Barcelona.  Lot´s of fun experiences to tell there but not enough time to tell it all. 
Our new Piso is a mansion and brand new.  All the missionaries that saw it are jealous.  President says that we went from the worst apt. in the mission to the best!   haha!  President visited our new Piso personally and loved it so much that he´s sticking 2 more Hermana´s with us there.  So today we get a new companion Hermana Preston.  We will be in a trio for a couple of weeks until the new Hermana that is supposed to be there gets her visa.  Hermana Smith, my MTC companion, got her visa and is now in Barc. 
I love this work and have an awesome district!!!!  Be good, I love you!!!!  The church is true!!!!
Hermana Walker
Hermana Cominadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
First Baptism in Zaragosa Juan Pablo

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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