Monday, November 7, 2011

Viva España November 14, 2011

¡¡¡¡¡Hola Familia!!!!!
Merry Christmas darling!!!  Yes we put up our Christmas tree and yes we listen to Christmas music everyday!  They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving obviously so ya.  We went full out!  They have a lot of Saint holidays here a ton!  Also my compañion and everyone is saying not to send a package to me.  My compañion just had to pay $26 just to retrieve a dinky package this week.  Because they´re in a crisis here in Spain they come up with the excuse to inspect packages then charge a ton of money.  So therefore mother, don´t worry about sending me anything...JUST SEND MONEY, "HOW ABOUT TENS AND TWENTIES?"  lights please....(Cameron) 
Ya sorry Mom I don´t get on the internet until later now on Mondays because of mediodia.  You might ask what is mediodia?  Well let me tell you....a great big giant siesta or nap!  Everything closes at 2pm in town...EVERYTHING!  kind of annoying when you need to go to the grocery store or something but hey.  They open back up at 4pm though, so only 2 hours.  But the library I write at doesn´t open until 3pm and we´re usually busy doing something fun with the Elders.
ALSO Graham Bradley I need your help!!!!  Abel....I can´t figure out why he isn´t baptized yet.  They´ve been to conference in SLC, felt the spirit, they´ve been in contact with the missionaries for 11 years now.  We had a long chat while I was helping him and his senior friends at the senior center out with English.  I got blunt with him and asked if he had ever prayed specifically with all his heart to know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God, he said he hadn´t so I asked if he would do that, he said he would but then kind of admitted that he already knows it´s true and wouldn´t be baptized unless it were in Utah with all of his friends there.... and I just said well you´d better start sending out the invitations now!  haha anyway he had a bunch of pictures of you and talks a lot about you.  so maybe you can help me.......
We received 5 new missionaries this week here in Zaragoza.  It was just us two and the zone leaders.  Now we are a district of 10!!!!  Woo!  So fun!  We played a bunch of games today.  It was a lot of fun.  Hermana Preston from Arizona, is our new companion so we´re in a trio.  She is sooooo FUNNY!  Our weird ridiculous sarcastic humor is pretty much the same.  Yep.   Between me, her, and Hma.´s reeeeallllly hard to do missionary work.  ha.  We probably laugh more the half the time.  Ya probably a little too much....more then we should but hey you´d go crazy if you didn´t have some fun out here.  Best companioñship ever!
You ask about the weather?  Well the that´s a subject we use a lot in contacting people, so I´ve gotten pretty good at talking about the weather in Spanish.  Anyways it was really nice and warm when I first arrived, but lately it´s been raining a lot.   It doesn´t usually rain too hard, but I´m glad Dad that you bought me that raincoat.  It´s been super windy on some days too.  Sometimes so bad I can´t sleep, but I love it here. I finally started to recognize people on the street.  Since the day I´ve gotten here I say Hello to everyone and talk to everyone.  I´m a true believer of that and it´s worked for me.  In fact my very first day of the first people I simply said hi to kept talking to me.  Now he´s getting baptized!  It´s the Elder´s baptism though because he lives in their area.  Oh well! 
My advice you ask to that girl going to BYU that wants to be on the Ballroom I dunno.  Just practice really hard, take ballroom classes, get to know the people, then audition...yep that´s about all I got.  Speaking of dance the workshop this week was a ton of success!!!!!  We did salsa this week, because that´s what all the latin americans requested, then some didn´t even show who requested it, but that´s okay because we gained 5 new investigators from it!  woo-hoo!  See this is what I love and what makes me happy.  Seeing the joy come from those I teach!  I can´t wait to have children someday.  Everyone here says they want my American accent.  my goal is to get rid of that accent before I leave so they will mistake me for a Spaniard since some Spaniards here have blonde hair and blue eyes like me.  They´re very different than South Americans.
It´s also funny to me that everyone here where´s shirts with an American saying or logo on it and they have no clue what it says.  It´s so funny because some are like really ridiculous.  Anyways it´s fun.  I love Spain and I love this work!  We have so many baptisms to come this month.  Not enough time in the day to visit all the many investigators we have it´s hard.   As far as training goes we have done everything the book has asked us to do up to week 8.  It seemed to focus a lot on the Book of Mormon and the importance of it this week.  We really needed that reminder because a lot of our investigators have been having doubts on the Book of Mormon.  I learned that you can teach them every lesson, but until they read the Book of Mormon and ask in faith if it is true, they will not receive an answer.  And once they receive that answer then they will know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God as well as the Bible.  This is the God´s kingdom established again on the earth.  I love being a missionary and will continue to help build the kingdom. 
Love you all!!!!!!  Have a fantastic week!!!!!  Write me...okay love you bye.
Hermana Walker

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