Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 14, 2011 Greetings from Spain

How is my favorite family in the whole world?  Mom how is you´re health?  You need to start taking it easy on yourself.  If I was there I would be doing the chores for you, playing taxi, and waiting on you, like you have done for us our whole lives.  Ryan, I am very proud of you and your accomplishments!  Now that you have your license be safe on the road!  Especially in the rain with that truck.  Emily, keep that beautiful smile on your face!  You have to experience some rejection before you find success!  Sometimes the better option is just waiting for us and we don´t realize it at that point in time.  There were many auditions where I didn´t make it or get the part I wanted, but there was a lot of auditions I did.  Something even better always follows.  Craig, how was the temple?  Do you keep visiting?  Try to get sessions in while you can.  Dad, thanks for all of the updates!  I love hearing them.  Glad to hear work is good!  Tell Blake congrats, and tell Mark hello for me.  Time flies.  Can´t believe how fast everyone grows up.
This week was slow and hard for some reason.  Now that it´s getting cold I feel like everyone´s gotten grumpier or is in hybernation.  I am now starting to realize what everyone says when they say how hard a mission is.  But on the positive side we did get another person with a baptism date!  I am just learning a lot of patience.  It´s good for me.  You asked about my health....well lets just say my body is having a hard time adapting to the way the food is processed here.  But i´m okay.  A mission is just mentally, physically, and spiritually exausting.  I figured that when I was getting myself into it.  But I took a long 3 hour nap today and am ready to bust a move this week!!!!!
We had Zone Enfoque which President came and really emphasized on companionship unity and always staying together.  When we aren´t obedient it leads to unhappiness.  It´s always awkward here with the kisses on two cheeks because first of all with americans you go in for the kisses and then they end up going for just the hug (Hermana Hinckley)  and it ends up just being this hug kiss on the cheek awkwardness altogether.  haha.  or you get all the latin men who take advantage of the 2 kisses on the cheek and you shove your hand out there before they can even consider it.
There was a bull fight this week in town where a man had the bull horns go through his throat, up his mouth, then poked out his eye.  He is still alive and is back in the bull pit this next week.  Crazy!
Ya know we´re in church probably the same time!  We have it from 4-7 here.  SO LATE!  but it´s fine.  It´s so expensive here too!  A Euro is $1.35 in US dollars.  But it has gone down ten cents from 2010.
Anyway, I love you all.  Believe in Christ and if you believe in Christ you will believe in the Book of Mormon, and if you believe in the Book of Mormon you will believe Joseph Smith to be a true prophet of God, and if he is then this work is God´s work on the earth. 
Have a great week!
-Hermana Walker

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