Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cameron Working Hard

Dear Family,

What a week! While the days at times may be long and full of work, the weeks seem to fly by. Last Monday our bishop had his first child. It is a little girl named Sophia. As you can imagine he is happier, more excited, and tired than ever. 
 Tuesday we went to visit Marinez (probably for the last time). She isn't quite ready to put the gospel into practice. She is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met, but she doesn't want it enough. She's not "hungry and thirsty" to change her miserable state of life. She tells us every visit how unhappy she is, but doesn't do anything about it. There's the answer. I am certain that some time in the future she will be more willing to apply the principles of the gospel. After our visit there, we said goodbye to our Ward mission leader, Clauber. He is moving to the other ward in the city. He is the most awesome Ward mission leader I have ever had. He fed us pizza when we went to his house, and on Thursday we helped him move. At least he still goes to church in the same building as us. 

On  Wednesday we had interviews with President. I already know what mom's question will be. Did you pass? Well, I'm still on the mission, so I guess that means yes. The meeting was wonderful. He taught a lot about ht importance of the book of Mormon. It being the keystone of our religion. If the book of mormon fails to be true, so does everything else that we teach. Well, good thing it's true. We taught that if we really believe the book if Mormon is true, we will commit to live according to everything it teaches. That is true conversion. The book really is the key to everything. He invited us to help our investigators have greater conviction in the book. Do everything to help them read, pray, and act. We need to trust in the promise that if they read and pray, they will have an answer. We need to help them establish a habit to study and help them to apply what they learn to their lives. After the training we got DVD players to use for our work. There are DVDs that accompany Preach my Gospel (the missionary guidebook). It is a real blessing to see the principles put into action and use those same methods in our work. As you know, with every blessing, there is a risk that someone will use it for bad. A DVD player could be used for slacking off...risky, but also a blessing.

We worked a lot with Eleziene this week. Her son, Yohan was baptized on Sunday, yesterday (photos attached). She is a very sincere person that is looking to better the lives of her children. What is better is we are getting close to convince Maykon to date her. I hope to one day get a wedding invite from those two.

Adriano, Rosane and Ramom. They area  great family. Adriano who is the only possible in the family for baptism at the moment, is a bit indecisive. He really wants to be baptized, and I believe it won't take long, but he also is afraid that his Grandma will shun him if he does. Rosane keeps dropping hints like, if I get baptized in your church one day, or, when I serve a mission when I'm older.... It drives me crazy that I can't just baptize her now. She has to be married. Ramom is also progressing well. He needs to go to church and that's it. If Adriano gets baptized we'll give him the priesthood quickly so he can baptize his brother.

The church is true being guided by a living prophet. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Looking for happiness, peace, love, etc? It's here.


Elder Walker

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