Monday, November 28, 2011

Life in the Mission

Mom, I know you are always ahead of the game and organized, but we don't know anything about phone calls yet. President will no doubt wait until the last moment to let everyone know about what we can and cannot do. The only thing we can plan is the time. It will have to be in the afternoon. Anytime from 3:00 to 7:00 Brazil time is perfect for me.

Cam-How are your shoes holding up?  

These are the best shoes because they will actually endure a two year mission. They are a bit worn, but are still in one piece, still shine-able and cheap.

Dear family,

My week was insanely tough. I don't think I ever had a week where I just wanted to be home, but this week was it. I wasn't home-sick but I was just plain sick. I had so much pain that there were just moments that I thought how much more wonderful it would be to sit in my bed at home and be watching TV. Tuesday I started with a slight cold. I didn't feel like eating or drinking anything. By the time Thursday rolled around I already was having problems in the stomach. I never threw up, but I had a lot of neck pain, headache, and stomach pains. I woke up several times nightly to use the bathroom. Don't worry about me, I'm all better now. 

After all of this came the rain. Friday it started off and on, Saturday continued, and now it hasn't stopped since then. I can't begin to explain how difficult it makes our work in this city. Everyone is afraid to die due to the tragedy in January.

Alright, enough with the bad news. Good stuff:

We held two family nights this week. One was a family night for recent converts. We had four there. It's good for them to know how these things work in the church. Maykon and Eleziene were there. I haven't seen them as much as I used to, but they are still going good. The other family night was with Rosane and her two sons. We pretty much dragged them to the family night. I think they need a bit more responsibility. They mark to do things, but the moment comes and they either show up late or don't show up. I took them by the hand to go to the family night they had marked with their neighbors. It was also a lot of fun. Speaking of Rosane, no one had any advice for me except for Marissa! 

We are working on Maykon's parents as well. They live very close to him, and they are way open to the message seeing the change that has come into his life. They are also legally marraige which is a huge blessing here in Brazil.

That's basically my week. Pain, Rain, and Families.

Elder Walker
Mission shoes have held up!

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