Monday, November 28, 2011

¡Me Encanta mi misión!

November 28, 2011

Dear Family,
I´m so glad to hear about the Thanksgiving success!  I sorry I couldn´t have been there with you Daddy to watch the Macy´s Day parade.  You know that´s always my favorite.  And what?  Is this Newzies you say that´s going to be on Broadway this Spring?  okay you have to wait one more year to go sorry!  My compañion and I were just wondering why it was never put on Broadway...better bite my tongue.  Seems like everybody is undergoing surgery lately.  Hope all is better!  How´d you like "Phantom" Craigy and Ryan?  Was that your first time seeing it?  You´re kidding no one would help you put up lights this year dad?  well you know it would have happened if i was there...
This week has been full of miracles.  I´ve never givin so much thanks before to my Heavenly Father and the blessings he has given me.  Every prayer all I could do was rejoice morning, evening and night.  My relationship with my father in heaven has grown so strong over these 4 months.  I feel as if prayer has replaced my telephone and let me tell´s a good feeling!  I prayed Wednesday pleading to find those who are ready for baptism.  That day I put in all the effort I could to find the prepared.  And it happened!  One after another we found 2 ready for baptism!  Crazy!  Lot´s of other success and little miracles all week.  Then on Sunday we went to go pick up our investigators at church.  What we thought would be a mess turned into a miracle!  A family that we had been trying to get to church for over a 2 months, we finally got them there!!!!  It took dragging them out of the house, but later the mother told us that she thinks the spirit was telling her to go.  We were there over an hour helping the kids get ready and out of the door.  The two boys are incredible and were ready in 3 minutes, but the grandma, daughters and mom all come up with the same excuses.  I just kept saying a prayer in my head that this would all work out and that the member would be waiting in the car outside when we finally got out the door and he was!!!!!  peuffff!!!!!  That was a pain, but it worked.  Then we were just in time to meet up with another family to get them there!  It was a miracle we had over 10 investigators there!!!!!!!!  Great week! 
I´ve learned that the Lord strengthens us in our weaknesses.  He always provides a way when we are doing what´s right.  I know that this great work is impossible without the members.  This church is all about service.  Something the mission does is magnify your weaknesses and pin-point your strengths.  How grateful I am for this opportunity of a lifetime. 
2 weeks more of training.  What this program does is technically qualify you to train the next missionary who comes along.  Well I don´t quite feel like I´m fluent enough in the language.  I´m to the point where I can carry a conversation and get the point of what is being talked about and ofcourse I am able to teach any lesson in Preach My Gospel.  I really feel like I´m at the point where I can briefly fulfill my purpose, which is the most important part, but I want to be able to have more inteligent conversations, esp. with the members.  If they start talking about something that is not food or the gospel, I usually have a harder time understanding....all this street talk.  If I don´t understand something someone says in the street, I usually just giggle say Si?  then change the subject...haha.  It works though.  It´s also really funny seeing what people do to avoid you, or when people give you the wrong number.  Or you have the people like the other day who are just flat out RUDE to you.  I don´t like that.
You ask about Christmas mom...we will be at Abel and MariaJesus´ house Christmas night around 6pm to skype. They are...well I´m not really sure if they´re are investigators or just really good friends...but we´re close and they have offered their house for Christmas.  Very nice people.  Someone I will definitely keep in contact with.  They are actually coming to Vegas in May...I might send some stuff with them.  They travel a lot. 
Well I love you all.  The message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most beautiful message ever!   Take time this Christmas season to share it with somebody.  There is somebody waiting to hear it!   Love you, cuidase.  ¡Chow!

-Hermana Caminante (this is what all the members call me)

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