Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 14, 2011 Cameron training a new missionary

Dear Family,
     Sorry to hear about mom’s state. Hope she gets better soon. My week has been rather different just because I am training a new elder. My new Elder’s name is Elder Assis Silva. He is from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. As a new missionary he does weird, quirky things. He is really worried about cars the cars hitting us and is there to protect me. He also refused to go down really steep stairs until he got brave and went down crab style. It wasn’t that steep. It’s all quite cute the way he worries about all these little things. It’s a really different experience. It’s hard to believe that I once was like him. I know that he will adapt well.

Rosane and Family. Rosane knows that the book of Mormon is true. She read a few chapters and is already applying things to her life. It was really quite special. Unfortunately they all traveled this past week. It's a holiday today. I can't wait to baptize this family. We talked to her about marriage as she is living with a man. She seems a bit insecure about this step. She accepted our help to be baptized. Luckily she has her member friend, Walter, who told her how blessed she will be if she gets married. She has fears because she already did the whole marriage thing, and it didn't work out the way she planned. She thought it was supposed to be for her whole life. We explained how marriage can be something for more than just this life. She was born to be a member of the church. It appears like it was this that she has been looking for her whole life.

Funny moment: There's a member in the city that plays pranks on the new missionaries. He comes up to them like an investigator with a ton of questions. We happened to run into him on the street. He asked from his car, "Are you the Mormons?" My comp not knowing who he is responded "that's us". Here I am trying my best to not break into laughter. My companion starts inviting him to listen to our message and explaining to him what a missionary is. Of course, the member is there asking all these crazy questions about stuff like polygamy. Finally the member says that he can stop by his house someday and he pulls out his wallet to show him the address of his house. He pulled out his temple recommend to show Elder Assis his name. It was then that my comp realized it was all a joke. classic. 

I know the church is true. The gospel was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. This is the only church with the true doctrines and authority to perform the ordinances of the gospel. 

With Love,

Elder Walker

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