Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Craigy Day!

Sounds like you have lots of fun plans for Thanksgiving!  Wow and Craigy baby you´re getting so big!  19.  Seems like just yesterday you were in Pampers and i was babysitting you.  You leave in a month for the MTC!  That´s crazy!!!  YOu´re in for the best adventure of you´re life!  Glad to hear you´re okay too Mommy!!!!  Keep me updated!
Where to´s been a crazy week!  lets see to start...we met a lot of crazy people...we´ll just leave it at that.  We had a baptism fecha with Marcos, until we found out that he was just trying to get money from the church.  He comes from this group of friends, a long train of homeless men, that we teach.  First Spaniard with a fecha for me...that group has been interesting but humble to teach.  This week has also been a lot of less active visits.  I get tired of listened to their sob story of how they´ve been offended.  " Do you know the book of mormon is true?  What about Joseph Smith?  Then nothing else should matter.  People are not perfect, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is.  Come to church!"  That shut´s them up. 
I´ve been trying to find someone or a studio where I can learn the traditional dances of Spain for a while now.  Well we passed one street and happened to hear those clasping clapping thingy´s they use...can´t remember the spanish name for them.  So neat!  I peeked in the studio and neither of the Hermana´s wanted to follow me because they were scared.  Well being taught right by dad I walked in and made myself at home and started to talk to them in Spanish.  THey were really nice and taught me how to use them and how to dance this traditional dance called "la jota."  The Hermana´s were really shy and bright red by then, so they just sat in the background and watched.  Then I asked if these professional Jota dancers would put on a show for me.  It was so neat and so easy to learn.  I finished by ofcourse doing my job and sharing the gospel.  I invited them to my dance class and church but they haven´t showed yes.  Very nice people.
We then got a call from president that a new hermana was coming to our pizo to live with us and be trained by Hermana Fuentes, my trainer, and that only me and hmna. Preston were companions now!  Well that not only came by a bit of suprise but Hmna Preston and I looked at each other and said....oh no!  We´re doomed!  haha...we laugh and goof off way too much because we´re A LOT alike.  Well we both had to step up to the plate a little because we would always just follow Hma Fuentes because she not only knew the city but liked to take charge so we just let her.  Well no big we just got lost a couple of times the first day, missed a couple of buses and meetings, but we´re alive and learning to take responsibility.  We make a great team.We just snapped into this serious mode and it works great.  She has really taught me to just laugh at things when you´re stressed or worried.  
Something I´ve really learned about myself so far is that I´m always the brave and bold one.  I don´t mind sweetly putting people in line.  Or talking to people or what not about what they need to do to change.  Hma Fuentes always says I don´t want to offend them, " Hermana Walker will you tell them?"  sure!  I never knew I was such a bold person...but it works!  people listen!
To end President came to our city to give the wards a conference and really gave them animo for the work!  All of the sudden everyone´s asking us what they can do to help.  This week our mission went from 13 Hermana´s to 18!   we have 104 missionaries now!
I love you all the church is true and mission´s rock!!!!! 
-Hermana Walker

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