Friday, September 21, 2012

¡¡¡¡¡¡Catalan Independeccccccia!!!!!!!

Mi querido familita,
I was serious last week when I said by the time December rolls around you´ll have to roll my home on a stretcher.  My body is weak.  Today for Preparation Day I slept, 3 hours straight.  If we sisters were out here for 6 months longer like all the Elders we´d come home looking like Grandma´s.  Then again I already look like one.  It scares me to look in the mirror each day because I have Ezma eyes.  If you´ve seen emperor´s new grove you know what I mean.  it´s scary. 
This week way the Catalans dia de Independencia.  Whatever that means....they´re not independent from Spain, quite funny.  They´ve tried for years.  Anyway there have been fun fairs everywhere, fun dancing in the streets, parades, and bands with weird music that sounds like the klu-klux-klan.  Very interesting.  It´s also been a very stressful week trying to get a new card.  Yep that´s right as of Wednesday I´ve been living in Spain for a year!  So weird.  It´s been a great experience!  I love all the many different cultures here, the history, all very fascinating, but hard when it comes to the work.  The other day the women at the grocery store speaks to me about some trouble my card was having and then asked if I wanted a bag.  I just gave here a blank stare because I didn´t understand a word she was saying....ALL IN CATALAN.  People love you here in this area if you try and speak it.  I can say like 2 words.  I´ll stick with Castallano gracias.  or adeu!  I love the culture here though.  My favorite part about Spain is going to the back porch, looking out and seeing from every back porch people´s laundry hanging on lines and seeing how they really live, since we don´t have dryers here.  I will miss that!  It feels like a movie. 
Interesting that I grew up with a dad as a choir and band director as a kid and I still haven´t learned how to direct.  I don´t know why everyone seems to think I´m the musical one, but I´m always always at every meeting or baptism asked to direct the music, so I´ve had to learn to teach myself from the back of the hymnbook or write my name in cursive since no one knows my first name so they hopefully can´t tell.
Well I love Spain and have loved the work this week.  It´s an endurance thing every day.  By the time we´re home we both crash!  I´ve never been so exhausted in my entire life!   Why do we people do this?  Because it´s true and worth the fight.  I love you all!  Have a great week and don´t forget to write me!!!!!!!!  jajajajaja
-Hermana Walker

ps craig....we have a Book of Mormon in our piso of the tribe language you´re learning from Bolivia, very interesting!

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