Monday, September 3, 2012

oh what would you do in the summer time.......

CONGRATS CAM FOR MAKING BALLROOM TEAM!!!!!!!   Yep you definitely have a proud sister yelling and cheering for you right now in this quite locotorio room.  Everyone just looked at me how embarassing!!!!!  That´s soooo exciting though Cam!!!!  I promise you´ll never regret it!!!!  It´s so fun!!!  You´ll have a blast and good news is we´ll get to spend more brother and sister time together, HOW CUTE!!!!!!  Do you miss me yet? jajaja.  How exciting.  We´ll get to see each other for all the combined ballroom team activities.  Too bad I have to miss out on the Homecoming parade with you all, but hey live it up!!!!!!  I just talked to Marci and she has told me that she looks forward to having me back on team.  The auditions are nerve recking huh?
Also thanks mom for the recipe!!!  Loved it!!!  I also am still loving the package you sent.  Something that comes in handy daily.  My companion and our piso mates are really enjoying this kids bop primary CD you´ve sent.  Love it!!!!  As for us here in little Hospitalet were are still in the Elders old piso. We should be getting a new piso any day now.  I have to already apply for a new residency card here.  Can´t believe I´ve lived here for a year.  What else?  Oh what should I do about Winter housing?  did you end up getting the condo?  What does Hermana Crowder´s mom say? 
It is sooooo humid here in Hospitalet.  I get out of the shower and get dry, 5 minutes later I´m already wet again.  We have no air either.  It was so nice in Pamplona!  Weather here is woooh!!!  We´ve had a lot of crazy things happen to us this week.  Just a crazy week!  Now that I´m back in the big city and ghetto again the stories get crazier.  But hey we´re safe and happy.  It was so interesting the other day witness this guy try and steal stuff out of our bags.  First real encounter I´ve had.  We move our bags to the other side then both gave him a death look.  He was creepy.  Barcelona lost this week to no cheering and partying through the night.  I just realized the other day we live right down the street from the Olympic staduim.  Speaking of the Olympics I had to translate for a couple from England the other day in church.  It´s the hardest thing.  I´m still learning how to do it. 
 This week really has been great for us!  We saw many miracles, but one that specifically caught my attention was our law of Chastity lesson with the Daza family.  Never have we had all 3 couples of the family there all at once.  And of course we happened to plan law of chastity.  The father who always stays couped up in his room came out and participated in the lesson.  The spirit was so strong after we got done teaching that we left them in tears.   We were really nervous to teach that lesson to them as well.  As we left there was silence and a spirit of wanting to change from that family.  We left that night feeling like we had really done our part.  We pray for them as the boyfriend, Rai prepares to be baptized in the coming weeks.  Martina will also be getting baptized in 2 weeks.  We pray for her as she continues preparing for this step.  This week we have been on a role and found some just fantastic families to teach.  I love this work, but boy is it sure work!  I know there´s a reason I´m back here.  I have found and run into some people I knew who we are starting to teach again.  I continue calling and going through the antiguos book daily.  Little by little.  I love my companion!  She´s exactly what I need at this point in my mission.  I love how tranquila she is and neutral.  It helps me not to freak out and just let little things go that don´t matter.  I feel like I can really talk to her and we have a really good, really natural and healthy relationship as companions. God loves us and always knows what we need when we need it. Love you all!!!!
Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Walker

PS what more information do I need to give you for the trip in December?  Will we come home for Christmas eve?

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