Monday, September 3, 2012

Accepting life as it is

Hola familia, 
¿Que tal, Todo bien no mas? Well, this week pretty much flew by fast. 
I don´t think I really have anything to write... Cameron just asked me 
about the breastfeeding statue and then we had an interesting but 
weird discussion on South America and Breastfeeding. Yeah, that 
probably wasn´t needed to be said. Thanks for the letter in Spanish 
Dad. I have a question, How long did it take you to write that? Your 
grammer and everything was perfect and I don´t know if I believe that 
you wrote all that yourself,  I think you used some technology help. 
But if not, it was pretty impressive. And I have a confession... I 
didn´t have enough time to read it all in Spanish, so I hit the 
translate button %cough. But I will read it again in spanish. 
Let´s see, I basically dropped all of my companions old investigators 
because none of them were progressing and we were wasting our time 
there. We found cool new people to teach and put baptism dates with 
some of them. The beginning of the week, we were pumped and ready to 
work. But there´s always something that seems to get in the way. I got 
sick again (you´re probably getting bored of hearing that). We think 
it was some cheese that I ate at a members house. Well, I spent a day 
in bed and I thought I was going to die. Or maybe I was on my 
crossroads of Destiny (Cameron and Ryan should get that reference). 
But it got me thinking again (oh no, not again), and you guys know 
that I love to think.. but I was thinking about accepting life as it 
There are things in life that happen to us that are usually beyond our 
control. Sometimes it is hard for people to accept that. But we need 
to have the humility to accept it. Unhappiness is defined in my terms 
as the degree of difference between what you are and where you want to 
be or what is and what is expected. So what are you going to do, fight 
the inevitable, or acknowledge its existence? This doesn´t mean not 
caring or apathy. It means that although you prefer things 
differently, you recognize the futility of stuggle and then take 
appropriate action. Don´t give up when things become hard. If you keep 
pushing, dealing with what you have been given, and acting 
appropriately, you won´t fail. 
That´s about all folks 
-Elder Walker

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