Saturday, September 29, 2012

crazy interesting week....

Querido familia,
¡Que milagro que hemos visto este semana!  As we prepared for the baptism of Martina from Peru on Saturday, we realized nobody had keys that opened to the baptism font to fill it up or perform the ordinance that we all came for.  I found it weird that no one from the bishopric or Elders had keys to anything.  The elders jumped the wall from the inside to fill it up.  We thought we were going to have to lift her in there from the cultural hall over the wall.  ¡Que vergüenza!  As we were frantically all searching for keys, calling anyone and everyone in any of the wards,using credit cards, hangers, anything creative we could find to open this door, Hermana Dalton found herself alone with the door and decided to say a pray of faith that the keys to our apartment in her hand would just open this door.  Sure enough with a little faith and a prayer she stuck the keys in, turned them, and the door magically opened!!!!  Crazy what a little bit of faith can do.  God can do miracles with just a little faith of one individual.  Imagine what he could do with a ton of faith from everyone?  The baptism went very smoothly after that except for the little monsters that ate all the baptism food.  They only come to baptisms because there is food.  sad.  They are a family of 5 in the ward who is starving and living off the church.  it´s sad, the parents don´t have work and have 5 kids all under the age of 5....someone didn´t figure out birth control.  Besides them always running around noisily the meeting went great!  No complications más-
Crazy story.  There was a cat fight!  Two latin women going at it!  We´re talking flying fists!  We were helping someone move and as we were on the way back to the metro there was a show down-  The officer was in the middle taking all the punches.  then while we were teaching a fantastic lesson there was a make-out session of 12 year olds in the background...oh had been raining all day...they probably just felt couped up. I also hate besos here!  One thing I will not miss is giving  everyone 2 kisses  on each cheek when you say hello and then goodbye.  the worst is Sunday morning for church when somehow everyone has wet, creamy, makeup faces.  hate it!  or when people are still sick...gross.  the most awkward part is that since it´s a culture thing even the men do it.  When men don´t know that as missionaries we can´t we get caught off guard and they just do it...ewww beard besos!!!  awful and awkward.
We´re finally moving tomorrow during mediodia.  We were told friday morning as I went to go sign the new contract that we couldn´t move in that day when we alreay had everything packed.  Oh elders...there all green here.  We just had a huge chunk of missionaries leave the whole field is green.  I´ll be the oldest hermana in one week. never think you´ll get to this point and then you do....
Welp lot´s of funny stories to tell about this week, but never enough time.  I feel like these emails don´t do justice for what actually happens and goes on.  A mission is such a uninique experience, esp in spain barcelona.  I look forward to just sitting in the kitchen someday with everyone just talkin while mom and dad are making their cornbread and chile....oh how i miss home food!!!  welp, Gotta run!  love you all! 
Hermana walker


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