Saturday, September 29, 2012

The cool adventures of Walker, the last Elder

Dear familia, 
Well my heart has been filled and my joy is full. I´m not sure exactly 
why. I was just reading 3 Nefi 16 - 20 this morning when Jesus is 
talking to the Nefitas. It makes me want to read it again and again 
and share the Book of Mormon with everybody. 
Nothing really happened this week that stood out that I could write 
about. We contacted new people, visited old people, helped people 
progress, etc. Oh, I gave a pretty cool talk in sacrament meeting and 
I bore my testimony in Quechua and everyone said how I speak pretty 
One thing I don´t really like doing is contending. First of all, the 
people are not very educated (especially with the Bible) and I could 
easily blow them out if I wanted to. But that´s not our goal. Second, 
its like ´what Jesus said, forgive them father because they don´t know 
what they do. These people are just ignorantly listening to their 
pastors who try to discredit us, but they haven´t even thought of the 
possiblities of this saving gospel of Jesus Christ that we have. 
Finally, our purpose is to invite others to come until Christ. It´s 
not to argue, obligate, pressure, or get angry, but to kindly share 
our message and invite them. If they still refuse, move on. We can´t 
force them. There are other people out there that need our message. 
That´s something that I´m trying to teach my companion. He gets angry 
when they don´t easily accept our message or when they say something 
bad about our religion. But, he´s pretty new, I´m only his second 
companion. I´m like his mom. 
That´s another thing that I´ve learned in the mission, the role of 
parents to children and vice-versa. In the mission, I´m his mom. I 
know what´s best for him/us and our work. But alot of times, he 
doesn´t like to listen to me because he thinks that his way is always 
better. All I can do is have patience in his learning that there are 
more than 1 way of working. He´s used to what is trainer taught him. 
But he sometimes says the same thing everytime we teach the 
restauration. Is the same thing in the real world. Maybe I was like 
that too. But children, especially teenagers think that parents don´t 
understand them and never could. That they know how to do things 
better. But most of the time, parent´s do know what´s best because 
they were kids and have experienced many things. It´s the same thing 
with our Father in Heaven. As children of God here on earth, we are 
sometimes rebellious and think that God doesn´t know what he´s doing. 
But if we learn to find out his will, then trust it, our lives will 
always be better. 
-Elder Walker 
P.S. The shoes in the pictures are a time capsule. The shiny ones are 
my shoes everyday at 7:30 and the other ones are the same shoes 
everyday at 9:00. Hard work, no. 


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