Monday, October 1, 2012

Now is the time to seize the day

Well a big hello from Bolivia to my peeps out there, 
Que tal, Que tal! Como esta! ¡Que dice America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So I walked in our internet place this morning only to find out that 
everyone was sitting with somebody new. Why didn´t anyone tell me that 
transfers had happened!?!? Apparently they were last week and my 
companion and I are together for another month and a half. That´s the 
bad part about not having a cell phone nor a regular phone in our 
house that works (freaking elders in the offices). We´re in the middle 
of nowhere,,,,...,.,.,. hellooo...,.,. 
This week we had some pretty cool experiences in my area. For example, 
last monday after p-day, it was dark out about 8:00. We went to a 
family/investigators who we usually teach. We were teaching about the 
Plan of Salvation. They had questions about the devil/Satan. Even 
though I really don´t like talking about him, I explained the reality 
of him, etc. But I finished saying that we have power over them 
because we have a body. Then directly after I finished my sentence, 
phooom. The power went off in the house and it was pitch dark. That 
was a little scary and the wrong time to say that. I asked if that 
usually happens. We kinda laughed afterwards because nothing really 
happened, the whole part of town went out too. It was just crazy. 
The week ended great with our church meetings. We had 8 investigators 
come and the church was the fullest I´ve seen it since arriving here. 
And a part from that, it was the best and most spiritual meeting that 
I´ve been to in a while. The whole branch felt like a family. Our 
investigators had a great  experience and everything. As we walked on 
of our investigators and her family home, we asked her how she felt 
about our church. She told us that it has been something that she´s 
been looking for. I know she knows it´s true and that she felt 
something because I definitely could as well. 
Even though this area hasn´t seen a baptism (like 3 in the past year) 
in a long time and those that were baptized are now inactive, I know 
that the miracles are only starting to begin in this area. Have 
miracles ceased? Or have we just lost faith? Has God stopped talking 
to man? Could he be an unchangeable being? I say unto you, NAAAAY! For 
God is an unchangeable being; he is the same yesterday, today, and 
forever. If it were not so, He would cease to be God. I know that he 
is a God of miracles and if these things have ceased, it is because of 
unbelief. Only by faith are miracles wrought. Sometimes, areas like 
mine haven´t seen much happen in a while. But certain missionaries can 
come along and see with an eye of faith how an area like this can 
improve. They have the assurance of the things to come and put their 
trust in God. Then they get to work. And after the trial of their 
faith, they can see the evidence of the miracles that God has put 
Fight the good fight, don´t give up the faith 
-Elder Walker 

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