Tuesday, October 9, 2012

¡¡¡FELIZ conferencia general!!! :)

Dear family,

I write with a heavy and happy heart this morning.  So much emotion I can´t take it.  How happy and proud am I to be a representative for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints!  What a grande opportunity it is to stand tall for our Lord and Savior today in a world with such changing values.  We are all spiritually fed and uplifted from this weeks conference with the shocking news of sending out boys at age 18, IF PREPARED and girls at age 19.  I think dad hit the spot with the girls...more elders will be giving more blessing hahhaha, but then again I haven´t received or asked for one or felt the need my whole mission.  What a blessing this will be for the work!  So many more are needed!!!!  Definitely an inspired call. 

mom says.....Marissa-Stay focused, work hard, enjoy the moment.  Isn’t it awesome to be doing the Lord’s work?  Only two fast Sundays left darling, put it in fifth gear!  Finish strong.  11 weeks and we will see you.  So much to accomplish before then.  You will NEVER pass that way again in this capacity.  LOVE ALL!  Stay positive and always find the silver lining.  I LOVE YOU!......thanks mom it´s so weird to hear that but it´s true I must work harder and give it all I got to end the race strong. 

As dad was touched by elder hollands talk, so was I.  The thought came to mind, "Daughter, do you love me?"  Am I willing to give my net to follow him.  I hope I can answer in the last day and today, "yea Lord I do!"  I love the Lord.  I love conference, I love this gospel.  I am a mormon and I LOVE it!!!!  Have any questions about anything ASK THE MISSIONARIES...we can help you.  I bet mom was loving the honeybee talk. and cameron...actually i did watch the priesthood session...we went with an investigator....AMAZING and best ever!!!!  I loved it!!!!  And I also finally got to watch women´s conference.  Ryan...you have time...relax...and just prepare now.  Do all you can to prepare and go from there.

As for my week, crazy and fun as usual.  haha.  It was a miracle was when all of us Hermana´s got trapped in the elevator on the way home from singing with the angels.  We had 3 extra hermanas staying with us.  We all piled into the elevator at home not thinking of the weight limit as we chatted.  It didn´t even get to the first floor before it stopped and went back down.  Some hermana´s were freaking out, others were on the phone, some were calm without expression, and my companion was dying of laughter while I was taking video and pictures of it all.  Well we had no bars on the phone to call 911 or112(whatever number it is here) so we rang the call button afraid of waking everyone up.  No one came.  After 20 minutes of waiting we all thought a prayer would be appropriate.  We all looked at Hermana Dalton and asked with her faith to say a prayer since she opened the door to the baptism font last week with just a little faith and prayer.  Right when she got done praying someone came to help us out.  We then offered another prayer of gratitude. How grateful I am to have a stronger testimony of prayer this past month.  MIRACLE.  We were let out 5 minutes after that and all the Spaniards were like, "¿pero cuantos sois?" ....oops learned our lesson.

I love my companion, love everything about her.  My favorite thing is her patience and how much she listens to people with empathy.  She is a great girl!  I love the work, I love my area, my family, life is good and just going to keep getting better.  Brenda is being baptized this week!  Thanks Cameron for the advice you gave us on Brenda!  We actually had one of the best talks with the mom alone the other night.  The spirit was stronger than ever!!!!  The Lord was just talking through me answering her questions and doubts about her daughters being baptized.  Cam just told me to just listen her out, so we did a lot of listening and then just testified.  his voice kept coming to my head, just listen just listen, and I I listened the spirit told me what she needed to hear.  As I testified to the mother about temples and families are forever, both the mother and I got choked up.  It was a beautiful moment and huge turning point to her conversion.  By the end of the conversation her heart had been softened....MIRACLE. Brenda will now be baptized this weekend.  The Lord is in every detail of our lives.  He loves us, he wants us to just be happy.  Let him touch your life.

Hope you have a fantastic week!  Love you all....BIG BESOS!!!!!

Hermana Walker

PS  I think I need to sign up for classes soon.  Will someone check for me?  thanks. Maybe I can just ask President if I can go on one of these preparation days and sign up....

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


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