Wednesday, October 31, 2012

oh hey.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Don´t worry Mom, I voted way long ago, and it might have been for Obama.  Would you still love me?  I got the abstentee sent off like 2 weeks ago, it was fun!  My first real experience since last time the abstentee never came to me while working in Florida.  Remember that?  Everyone here is stirred up over Romney´s comment about how they are not going to be like Spain or whatever he said.  Get over it the economy YES is TERRIBLE here!  The Elders get called Romney a lot here.  For some reason people always yell Obama at us sisters which makes no sense to me since we are whiter than white or anyone else here.  Anyway, can´t wait to hear the results.  We discuss it a lot in piso.  Not gonna lie, I´m a little sad about missing election stuff.  I didn´t realize how much I kinda like politics.  But I´m a missionary and don´t talk about that so anyway LA OBRA.....

As for the work here in Spain, great and hard at the same time.  We baptize a ton of Africans and south Americans in Zaragoza, more or less in Pamplona, and in hospitalet Africans hate us, muslims and everyone we can´t baptize LOVE us and are so nice, and south americans here are super flakey, but I love them ALL!!!  The work has gotten harder and harder.  Our problem is we live so far away from the church that getting people there is like pulling teeth!  Contacting here in the streets is like putting on a show, good thing showmanship is my gift.  I still hate that part.....everyone starring you down in the metro and thinking you´re CRAZY!!!!!  All though we´ve had some great metro contacts that turn into great investigators!!!!  Being a missionary is scary and fun all at the same time in such a big city.  The other day walkin to the metro we have to go under the crusty graffiti bridge to get there, as we pass this guy in our way we see him just shootin up with a needle and everything crazy!  The members and elders asked why we are in the area we are in because it´s so sketchy.  The elders told me they might switch us out of here and have me whitewash for my last transfer.  It smells like weed or smoke of some type everywhere we go, and it´s hilarious when all the drunk people  try and talk to us in their broken up English...."umm exuse a mi...will yu be mi hosband...oop I mean wife wife?"  We have English class every week and I rather enjoy teaching it, I think I might have a gift in teaching languages.  It comes natural to me.  I will forward our flyer for dance and english classes. 

Right now we are struggling finding people to teach, but it´s gotten better as of yesterday.  We had to clean out the old piso this week which took like 3 days out of the work of the Lord to do it.  That thing was discusting after 25 years of Elders living there!!!!!   I also had to teach people how to clean, who said they had cleaned something and after I checked it it looked like it hadn´t even been touched....okay elders and sisters....this is how you clean!  Some did the Craig move and just disappeared and we found them laying down in a back room sleeping or playing card games.  Thanks to mom and her teaching me how it should be done!  I found mom coming out in me all 3 days.

Interesting things....We teach Jafar.  Everytime he opens his mouth we can´t help but think of Jafar from Aladdin.  Pigeon feet here are gross!!!  Some are crusty and keroded while others look like they are burt off, some feet are missing.  I often find myself observing their feet.  There´s a lot of bird ladies here in Spain.  A huge flock of birds is always following them.  When we changed time we changed seasons and dramatically!!!  It was freezing and blowing super hard yesterday with creepy clouds!!!  Our recent convert Martina yesterday told us that it was a tornado on the water!!!!! hahahahaha.  A little hurricane had made it´s way to Barcelona and they say that never happens!  We also have a ghost investigator!  We knocked on her door one day and she said we could pass by anytime.  She was super nice and Spaniard.  Not a likely combo.  So we came back and this guy answered and said there was no and never was any Paquita that lived there.  We checked a million times to see if we were in the right place.  We were.  We found a spirit that wants her work done!!!!!

welp that´s the jist of my week!  Happy Halloween!!!  I will send pics seperate.  The church is true and we are part of a great and marvelous work!!!!!!  It´s time to prepare the way of the Lord.  The second coming is sooo soon I can feel it!!!!  A couple of signs have been seen lately at this day and age.  Love you all, keep preparing yourselves to be worthy for this day and enjoy your tricker treating!!!!  They don´t even do it here...but we are dressing up for district meeting!!!!  Pictures to come....

okay bye.

Hermana Walker

ps GLAD to see cam is in the butt hugger pants club....hehe

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