Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Dear Family, 
Feliz Cumpleaños Cameron for the 19th. Tenga un buen dia. 
I´m going to make this letter short because nothing really happened 
this week that was interesting. It was a pretty normal week, learning, 
tracting, teaching, etc. and now, i´m tired. zzzz. That´s probably why 
I can´t think. 
      I guess I just want to say how great the mission is. It´s like 
Elder Holland said in one of his talks in the MTC, I love my mission, 
it was everything for me. It shaped my life, what I was going to be 
and who I was going to become. I feel the same way. I´ve learned so 
much by study and experience that I can´t write it all in this hour of 
internet. But it´s not only about me and what I become, but about 
others also. All the people I´ve talked to, taught, helped, baptized, 
etc. They´re the reason for my mission. Because if I could just bring 
one person to the knowledge of this gospel, O how great my joy would. 
Now imagine if I could bring more than one. I´ve experienced this joy 
and I would like it to continue. For example, remember Gabriel Velez 
my first convert, well he´s helping all the missionaries in Potosi and 
talking with all of his family, friends, Everyone about the gospel. 
Just yesterday, he came to Bella Vista to visit me and companion us in 
our teachings. His life has changed tremendous because of this gospel. 
And that is just one simple example.  If I counted up all the people I 
have talked to, it would have to be in the thousands, all the lessons 
I´ve taught, over 700. But behind all of these numbers, there are real 
people who are just starting to hear the gospel and changed their 
life. I know it´s very few people in the big scheme of things, but 
like M. Russel Ballard said, we all got to do our part in this gospel 
just like the honey bees in their hive. 
      When I read about and reflect on the great mercy that God has 
shown me in my life and the rest of the children of men, my desires to 
the share the gospel increase. When I just take time to think about 
the love He had for us, that he sent his only begotton son in the 
flesh to die for us so that we could have the chance to be saved, I 
long for the opportunites to share it. And when I pause to ponder the 
powerful mysteries and the mysterious power of the Almighty and 
Eternal God and his time to listen personally to the silent prayers 
every person, I know that man is nothing. 
      Why then do we pause to help others in need? Why do we let 
others to anger us? Why do we put aside the eternal things so that we 
could have more time for things that will die with us? When will we 
ever learn to humble ourselves enough to do the things of God? And 
why, oh please answer me why, do we ever go back ``fishing´´ or return 
to our natural man after the change in our hearts? 
I can not wait for the day in which we can all rest from our labors in 
the peaceful Kingdom of God. 
-Elder Walker

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