Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I love you family!!!!!

Soooo I took the personality test for all of you cause that´s the thing to do right now in the mission hahaha....what color of personality are you???  it´s so funny....anyway.  Dad-yellow red, Mom-all of the above, Cam-white, Craig-blue yellow, me-all of the above but more yellow red, ryan-red yellow and white, emily-blue.  look it up if you don´t know what each of the colors mean.

This week has been great!!!!   We had a really neat district meeting this week.  Kinda of touching.  I put together sharing time and had everyone bring stuff from home.  We really bonded over it and now it´s transfers.  Our district leader gave a fantastic lesson and discussion about prayer.....the spirit was really strong and love for one another great!

We are finally in our new apt. that is beautiful with a beautiful porchy thingy with whicker chairs!!!  My companion and i got the master bedroom....great way to end a mission!!!  Everything is beautiful!!!!!   Finally i feel like I´m living in Europe!!!

We have set 2 fechas for baptism. Brenda 17 and Kelli 10.  They are so cute, they asked me the other day where to buy modest skirts because all they have are short skirts...i was so proud of them for that that i decided i´m going to just give them 2 of my skirts.  I can´t wear them ever again anyway....sick of em´.  Kelli then told us the other day that her parents will let Brenda be baptized but not her...not until she´s older.  Understandable, but i was devistated!!!  Any ideas how to convince the parents??  The mom is reading the Book of Mormon, but the dad no.  The mom knows the BOM is true and is from God, but won´t let us teach her.  Says she´s Catholic...we´ll get her soon.  Rai we are trying to work on him and getting him moved out of his girlfriends house.

What else?  Busy week....transfers today and my dear Hermana Reeder my old comp and friend from back home goes home....so sad.  Tonight is singing with the angels.  She will be giving the update of our mission at the Hinckley´s this Friday for the mission Reunion....wish i could be there.  Lot´s of exciting things going on in the lives of returned EL FARO missionaries.  Here in EL FARO we had one of the best zone conferences EVER!!!!!  The spirit is always soooooo strong!!!!!   The Paces are amazzing and had us over to their house this week....just my comp.  and i to chat and upload the new blog.  We´re helping hma.  Pace with the new blog....if you wanna check it out...spainbarcelonamission.blogspot.com

In 2 weeks we are having a mission fireside and it is a noche de talentos.  My dance class will be performing.  Kind of exciting.  All the teenage girls that come are pumped!!!!  I feel like a proud mother to see them dance.  They have also brought friend after friend....lots of success right now with the dance class.  Everybody wants and has asked me to dance for the show....i told them no that i have to be the one to help run the show....besides wouldn´t be appropriate as a missionary hhaha.  People said they have tried youtubing me hahaha.

Well folks...the gospel is true...i´ve seen it change lives.  I know my savior lives and loves each and everyone of us.  I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son.  I know the Book of Mormon is the evidence of what we teach as missionaries.  I know many things but can not teach it to others until they choose to take that step for themselves.  I cannot force what I know on others and that is why each day we look and search for those who are ready to act...not just listen.  I testify to what Craig said...God is an unchanging God.  He would cease to be God if miracles stopped.  I love you all!!!!!  Glad to see you´re all happy.  I wish Emily and Ryan liked writing us, but maybe they will understand someday.  Missionaries NEED to hear from family.  Love you all, continue to do what you love!  I pray for each of you every night.

con amor,

Hermana Walker

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