Tuesday, October 9, 2012

General Conference

What a great week! 
We started the week going to the temple as a mission and finished it 
with a branch fast and general conference, what could be better?! 
My few comentaries on Conference (I might comment on them later), 
About the whole 18,19 year old thing..... I thought that was already 
in action. At least for Bolivia, that revelation for men to leave at 
18 came back in May or so, which I emailed you guys then. Appently 
this is for the whole world and before it was select countries no mas. 
-I felt like some themes were of course the family, but also, Do! 
Become! I talked way earlier in my emails about trying to know things, 
not believe. But I learned this week that knowing is only for a 
testimony and is not enough. We have to apply and become something, or 
be converted. 
-M. Russel Ballard - it was for mom, the whole honey thing. I liked it. 
-Thomas S. Monson - He nailed it! I love him and his inspired words. 
People can change! Imagine the people you meet in baptismal clothes or 
their potential to be a member of this church. 
-Russell M. Nelson - I brought an investigator to the saturday 
sessions and she usually has loads of questions everytime we teach. I 
told her to bring those questions to general conference where they can 
be answered. And then what did Elder Nelson say, ``Ask the 
missionaries, they can help´´ Well thanks. Now we´re just playing ping 
pong with my investigator avoiding the questions Elder. 
-Jeffery R. Holland - Cameron and Marissa should know that he´s 
already used this talk. Yes, I do love this, but he almost used the 
same exact words as when he talked to the missionaries in the MTC. I 
have a CD of that talk because it was one of my favorites, ``Feed my 
sheep´´. Powerful. 
Well I hope that the spirit can expound my words that I´m about to 
write so that they can influence, inspire, and lead to action someone 
who is reading this email despite my difficulties and imperfections in 
writing. As October begins, the clouds have prepared for battle in the 
dark and brooding silence. The bruised and sullen storm clouds have 
had the light of day obscured. Looming low and ominous, in twilight 
premature, thunderheads and rumbling in a distant overture. In a flash 
of lightning and a pouring of water, the clouds cry out for silence in 
a shattered world. All at once, in just a sudden, the clouds are 
parted. Light streams down in bright unbroken beams. Follow men´s eyes 
as they look to the sky, the shifting shafts of shining weave the 
fabric of their dreams. 
My area here in Bolivia is like the weather here right now. For the 
longest time, their hasn´t been much success.  The members have been 
with out hope and the numbers are slowly dwindling. But just then, 
when all seemed lost, the heavens spread their wings and sent down 
celestial help for our area. My companion and I have had a steady high 
number of investigators attending church and they will all get 
baptized! The members have seen our fruits from our work and are also 
willing to help us. One investigator told us this week after last 
week´s church meeting that it has always been something she was 
looking for. She is super catholic and doesn´t know what is happening 
to her. God does. He moves his work in mysterious ways. Even though he 
nor us can obligate people to do or think differently, his ways, which 
are always better, will always be accomplished. Are we going to help? 
-Elder Walker 
A package and a couple letters came, but they´re sitting in the zone 
leaders room. I´m going to pick them up today and will email you next 
week to see what package it is.  

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