Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Don´t worry I didn´t forget, just was waiting until preparation day so i could tell ya.  Glad to hear it went well, I thought about ya all day and even had you written all over my planner.  Can´t wait to see you dance in the samba number.  I still remember all the different birthdays we threw for you growing up, trains to dinosaurs to racecar valvoline, etc..good times! what living conditions!!!!  Makes me feel humble because of blessed we truly are with housing here in Spain.  Wow...I´m sure your just as happy in a cute little shake like that right?

Right now my companion and I feel like we are living on the movie "The Best 2 Years!"  Why?  Because our apartment has every one of the characters from that movie and the events that are taking place are quite equivalent to that movie.  We live with the cute new girl from Mexico trying to learn English and still adapt to mission life.  She where headphones to to even hear herself talk English, sounds like she is talking to herself a lot.  Then there´s her companion that isn´t obedient at all, doesn´t work para nada and sleeps all day saying she is "sick."  The only time we have seen her out of bed is to eat..she washes her dish then goes back to sleep...haha...oh ya and she´s up today to do email and because it´s preparation day haha interesting how she´s magically better today.  She´s unique.  Then of course you have crazy Hermana Stephenson and I who come acting crazy each night to let out all of our energy.  too much behaving ourselves all day makes us go crazy at night.  We´re running around, playing jokes on everyone, wrestling, ya you know if you´ve seen the movie....need I say anymore?  But we work and we work hard!!!  Anyway we get a call that President is showing up tonight and that the disobedient missionary doesn´t know....DRAMA.....more details to come...we will let you know.

there´s always Huelgas (strikes) with the terrible economy here and they happen to land on Mondays, being Preparation day (our play day.)  Poopy!  Everything is closed and the metro only come likes every half hour if even that.  Nov. 14th is a European strike throughout all of Europe meaning that even the airport will be closed...ALL transportation....this causes a problem being transfers and sending our missionaries home on a plane to the US that day.  It will be interesting!  The work is getting harder in Spain the more I´ve been here.  We would baptize more if it weren´t for the terrible marriage policies here and the stinky work schedules.  Everyone who accepts the gospel works on Sundays and everyone that wants to get married to keep the law of chastity can´t until they get papers or their acceptance for marriage goes through....takes about a year here....making it impossible to baptize like South America here....reeeaaallly frustrating as a missionary.  Anyway that´s my only complaints.  Other than that life is great as a missionary!  Just the crazy Spanish crisis!  People ask us for money all the time....kind of obnoxious.

I love this church.  The organization of it is perfect.  The only problem with it is we as people are not perfect, we cannot be as mortals.  People forget that, nobody is perfect, that´s why the Atonement of Jesus Christ is so important to life so that we can repent, forgive and be healed.  Let the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ take an effect in your life.  miss and love you all dearly!

hermana walker :)


Hermana Walker
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