Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CRAZY WEEK!!!!!!!!.....

Dear Parents,

I am so happy to hear of the finalized plans for Spain.  I´m excited!  I think that sounds perfect for each time we will spend in each place.  Lot´s more to do in Barcelona anyway.  Mom-you ask what to wear.  Winter clothes for sure!  It gets quite cold here in December.  I would bring long sleeves and some short sleeves underneath a nice warm winter coat.  I have an extra coat you can wear here if you are worried about weight.  Pants, gloves, scarf, ear warmers, and umbrela, that should be good.  tennis´.  All the parents of missionaries that I have met and talked to when they come through always have a spain cell phone while they are here.  I would for sure barrow the Boohers phone.  Great idea!

Dear Family in general,

As for my week, woo, it´s been a pretty rough week, not gonna lie.  It was stressful!  my companion and I got stuck planning the ward mission talent show and baptism (different days) alone. And on top of that were having problems with our baptism candidate.  No one was helping with anything, the ward mission leader, the elders, the sisters, no body!!!!  And the ward mission talent show wasn´t even our idea, it was the ward mission leader who complains that we never have any activities.  So we find out the day before that nobody is prepared!  We call an emergency meeting and I find myself taking the charge because nothing gets done or the right way if I don´t.  My companion just sits there while I assign everyone what they are doing.  I did it with a smile, but was a little flustered.  It ended off being a kickin talent show!!!!  Lot´s of people showed!  it was packed and all went golden except for the missionaries act...because we never practiced. It was bad and we laughed afterwards how bad and not funny our skit ended up being haha.  I think American humor is completely different than Latin humor because we were the only ones laughing.  Our act was what not to do and what to do in different situations as a missionary.  For example in contacting, lessons, street, metro,etc....ya it was bad!  haha no one thought we were funny!  We are still laughing about it a week later.  Anyway, the next day we had Brenda (our baptism candadite´s) interview.  She shows up late but no big deal, the district leader starts.  20 minutes into it her dad (who naturally is shy) comes storming in and asks to sit in the interview.  We told him that they were almost done and it was something personal.  He got really firm with us and says "no she is my daughter...yata yata.  Well we say okay one moment please.  The dad later comes out and sits quietly across from us...hmmm everything must be okay?  Brenda finishes the interview and her and the district leader are teary eyed.  What now!??  The poor inexperienced district leader tells us that he felt like the dad was about to punch him and kept interupting him...he had to ask the dad to leave the room.  Brenda says if her parents don´t show up to the baptism she is not going down in the water...she wants their support.  Later we go over there and start a fast with her.  Well, the next day more drama happened.  The newly non-experienced had not filled out any records or paperwork in which include getting the parents signuture and permission for her to be baptized.  Long story short the mom was very short with me over the phone and Brenda did not show up all weekend to any activities, and ofcourse didn´t show for her baptism.  I WAS DEVASTATED!!!!  This was the first time I have had this kind of problem and had someone just not show or say anything.  I felt bad and responsible like where did we go wrong?  The spirit taught me a lot of lessons this week about a lot of different things.  It stinks because now we have to start over with her and gain the parents trust again since Brenda didn´t communicate to us that her parents said No that a month was too quick to be baptized.  We were confused and wish she had communicated better.  Now we look like the bad guys.  Stinks, but I know that ever member of this family of 4 has felt the spirit and know this is right, all it is is time now.  Lot´s of time to gain their trust again.  Then ofcourse I gave a candy to a kid and he started choking during the middle of our lesson....the mom jumped up and gave him the heimlich maneuver and the kid wouldn´t stop throwing up everywhere after that...all the way down the hall to the bathroom... CRAZY WEEK!!!!!  Kinda felt down, but were off with the Elders right now to do something fun! 

My hair keeps falling out from the hard calcium water here....I might just come home bald....welp love you all!!!  Keep being amazing and doin what you do!!!!  I know that the Lord truly is in the details of our lives and that Brenda and her family will get baptized someday it will just take some time now.  All on the Lord´s time table not ours.  I invite all of you who are struggling getting along with someone to give them 4 compliments a day and see it work wonders for your relationship with anyone.  Hermana Pace has given us that challenge and it works!  So try it....4 compliments a day!

CONGRATS KATIE PALMER FOR ALMOST MAKING IT INTO THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!  1.5 seconds off....soooo close can´t believe it! companion knows Curis Penfold really well....we just found that connection the other day after being together a whole transfer....

Hermana Walker

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