Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Tiny Little Seed

Dear Family, 
First off, I would just like to say that Mom touched my heart. After 
telling her that I didn´t have time to mail my ballot, she emailed me 
saying Satan is working hard then. So I found a fax machine and sent 
my vote in. Oh, BTW, I just might´ve scratched off the ``pre-voted´´ 
mark for Mitt Romney that mom put on my paper and my hand might´ve 
slipped and marked Obama. I hope you guys still love me.. 
This week was a little slow in actually finding and teaching people. 
It´s because we had a baptism. Not only one, but three people! One is 
a mother, Zoraida Antezana and her 20 year old son, José Darlin. She 
was golden and I just made her my pensionista since she always gives 
us food anyways. Also, José wants to go on a mission. The other one, 
Limber Ruis, is a friend of José and a boyfriend of a member. He 
always comes to church and knows everything. He told us this past week 
that he wants to get baptized. yeah, we can work that out. So the zone 
leaders came down Wednesday for the first two interviews. The 
president came on Thursday for a question 4, and then the zone leaders 
came back friday for Limber. That was basically my week, a lot of 
preparation for a baptism. Now, we need to find others. We have a lot 
of potentials, but they don´t want to make any committments yet. 
So I talk alot about faith, miracles, and changing areas or people. 
But I´m not convinced that you guys truly know what I´m talking about 
and how I feel. Well, we all make decisions everyday, and before we 
actually act, we calculate whether we should do it or not. We estimate 
our ablitity to handle the situation and look at the consequences of 
suceeding and failing. But a rule of thumb  includes two things, if we 
can clearly see ourselves doing something and if it is desirable, we 
generally pursue it. We also have to be convinced it´s possible before 
we act. In order for our mind to be convinced, we need appropriate 
evidence. Evidence like facts, statements, or propositions we believe 
to be true. Our perception regarding feasibility is what determines 
our level of confidence. We can´t have confidence in our ability 
unless we see clearly how to accomplish it. If we can´t see ourselves 
completing college, we never do. If we can´t see ourselves with a 
better job, we don´t strive for one. And if we can´t see ourselves 
happy - we never are. So it needs to seen clearly and be desirable. 
But when things we desire or hope for are beyond our control, it´s 
difficult to see clearly. For example, natural elements like rain for 
crops. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to pursue righteousness 
even when we can´t see how! ``Faith is things hoped for and are not 
seen (Ether 12:6).´´ The evidence presented and our personal 
worthiness governs the strength or weakness of our faith. But the 
natural disposition is to doubt. If at any moment, we conclude 
something isn´t feasible, we don´t have faith. This is because Faith 
and fears/doubts cannot occupy the mind at the same time! ``Dispute 
not because you see not, for ye recieve no witness (assurance) until 
after the trial of your faith (Ether 12:6).´´ 
This is what I mean when I talk about faith. Pursue righteous things, 
even when you can´t see how, relying on God for guidance. Some 
missionaries learn to see with an eye of faith. When they do, they can 
see how the way will be prepared for people to join the church. I know 
that if we have this kind of faith, miracles will proceed. That is how 
I approach my area and look, I can now see the assurance of how God 
has helped this area. 
It is one thing to be aware of divine power and entirely something 
else to see how that power will assist us. 
-Elder Walker 
P.S. The fotos. I got my laundry machine, my kitchen, and my pet. 
Happy Halloween or as they call it here the witch´s night. But they 
mostly celebrate Dia de los Santos. A day to remember their dead 
ancestors or family. 


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