Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Be Prepared

Dear World,

What an opportunity it is to prepare this world for the second coming of our Savior!  It is so close but yet so far I can feel it.  Poor New York city.  That´s all people are talking about here.  It´s too bad, but at the same time it´s just another profecy being fulfilled.  We know that one day New York City will be destroyed, but by an earthquake because latter day prophets have foretold that.  Other cities as well.  It is just a way of the Lord warning us.  Same here with the terrible economies, just preparing us for what is about to come.  You see the Lord prepares us little by little.  Everything we do is just preparation for the next thing.  The Lord preserves His people by preparing them.  Interesting.  The Lord warns us and gives us commandments to keep to prepare us or in better turns save us from these crazy and terrible times that WILL come to pass.  I am enjoying my time helping to preserve the Lord´s flock.  I know that as we just take the time to read the Book of Mormon and the Bible, the Lord will help us to understand and be prepared for what is to come.  Things that have been prophesied for many years.  The Messiah came and will come again.

I´ve decided a lot of our spiritual learning and gospel learning goes in hand with knowing our world history.  So many people we teach don´t understand history first.  Makes me feel like a history teacher first then a gospel teacher.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!   Many people here from South America all of the sudden are going back to their countries.  There is just no work!  In the last 2 weeks we seen about 5 different families go back to their countries.  It´s so sad.  We´ve baptized so many immigrants here that the majority of the members supporting the church are immigrants (mainly from South America).  The President wants us to really focus more on Spaniards, as hard as it is, because really when everyone leaves and goes back to their country, we will be loosing probably a ward full of people.  There´s just no work, and as much of a help as the South Americans have been to the building of the church here, it is time to focus mainly on natives.  Interesting. 

Early in the week there was a ton of rain!  We were drentched everyday for 3 days straight!  They don´t really celebrate Halloween here.  We literally saw one kid dressed up(south american) and like 2 different groups of young single adults here and there on there way to parties. But then rolled around November and everyday we seen more and more young single adults dressed up each night??  not sure how it works here.  Looks like it´s just a week of parties that roll all through the first week of Nov.  Interesting.  They also have these sweet medival carnivals!  For the zone my companion and I threw the game.  Everyone loved it!!!  We suprised them with the game and dressing up!!!!  I´ll send pics!  We saw many crazy drunk people this week.  One was throwing up like crazy in the metro right across the tracks from us...rather disturbing.  The other was chasing this lady into her house, she slammed the door, he pounded and yelled then saw us and right then the spirit told us to flee like Joseph ahaha.  We booked it, I´ve never run so fast uphill before.  No worries we made it out alive.  The other day in church the crazy family with 5 kids under the age of 5 gets up to bear their testimonies.  Crazy as could be.  The child steals the microphone and takes off running around the chapel.  The father ignores him and starts bearing this beautiful testimony about children and what an angelic example they are to us and right as he says this one of his little boys honks this huge clown horn in the back.  Everyone was annoyed but couldn´t help but to laugh.  I finally decided if none of the members are going to help them to keep the reverence I WILL!!!!!  We sat behind them and colored with them taught them how to fold their arms and be reverent.  I´ve learned a lot on the mission about how I want to raise children.  I needed that.  On the way to church we also ran into this race just as the shot off the fire-arm to start!  It was kind of fun!  Everyone in Spain and their mother was running!  We started cheering them on, took some pics, handed out some pass-a-long cards and then were on our way to the church.  We had a lot of investigators show!  It was nice for once!  We have a sticky situation with Rai, he wants to be baptized but can´t until he moves out of his girlfriends house....we don´t know what to do.  He has a crazy alcoholic mother that he can´t go live with...maybe we can find someone in the ward...not sure. 

As a district we are going through a game phase right now.  On our down time we´ve been playing cards.  The Elders have faded out, I think they got tired of loosing "man I´ve never seen this side of Hermana Walker before!"  haha.  Then in piso we were playing egyptian rat. and phase 10 for a while, the other hermanas got tired of losing and faded out, but my companion is still determined to beat me.  To be honest I got tired of winning at those games so I talk her Perudo 3 days ago.  We bought dice and now I have my companion hooked!  She´s good and keeps things interesting even though I still clame my spot everytime as queen of that game.  Sometimes it´s hard being good at every game....can´t help it.  The Walker competitive spirit comes out in me.  I didn´t relize how many card games I knew from growing up in the house that I did hhaa.  Dad-we want to play penicle but I can´t remember how....Also I was thinking about jobs lately...I was thinking about applying for the it too late...Cam-what´s the process?

Welp love you all. Keep the faith.  Continue to prepare the way for the coming of our Lord!  Be prepared.

With love,
hermana walker

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