Friday, November 23, 2012

I just don´t know

Dear family, 
Good news, I磎 still here. And it磗 my birthday this week. I guess 
I磍l be celebrating big 20 by contacting people, visiting my 
investigators and members. I磍l finish it off with some brownies that 
I磍l make with my pensionista that mom sent. They磛e been staring at 
me tooo long. 
My companion is wierd. but a pretty cool guy at the same time.... I 
guess what I磎 trying to say is that he磗 a nerd. We walk alot. Every 
time we walk for more than 10 min (which is everywhere) he tells me a 
scary stories that he says are real (he磗 serious) and loves to write 
them as well. Every time he talks, he talks in a scary voice. 
Sometimes we walk for an hour at night to go home. I don磘 like scary 
stories or movies. My mind ponders things too much. Also, when he 
hears a song that he knows, he starts dancing his own style, 
especially when we磖e in public. Every stares at us. ( hmmm, maybe I 
should start charging people to watch my companion dance..) I often 
ask myself, ``why do I always get the companions that love to sing, 
but can磘?创 Sounds kind of mean; but just please hit the note, you磖e 
almost there, but just.. I don磘 know. 
But if people are like a mirror, or in other words, if we see in 
people the things that we are self-concious about, Am I like that!? 
I really just don磘 know, this week I磛e been pretty low and it磗 
probably because I was sick and I still have a little cold. My loads 
just too heavy. And I磎 weary. You guys should give me something 
motivational or something cool. I feel like Zac Efron, I just need to 
get me head in the game. I mean, I know what I have to do because I磛e 
been doing it in the past months. But everytime I feel like giving up, 
there磗 a place within myself that I feel saying, ``when you磛e given 
your all but it磗 not enough, when the journey is long and road is 
rough; there is still hope if you only see that there磗 a light at the 
end of this endless road, filled with love strong enough to lift any 
load. And it磗 so easily done for you, why磗 it so hard for you, to 
Maybe I磍l feel better next week after my birthday :) 
-Elder Walker 

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