Wednesday, November 14, 2012

oo I feel a breeze

Wazz up! 
This week was pretty awesome! First of all, the transfers. My new 
companion arrived Wednesday and he´s awesome. He´s a recent convert 
from about 1 year and a half ago from Lima, Peru. He´s very calm and 
listens to the spirit well. We get along very well. The only problem 
is, he´s a bit quiet or shy when finding people, so I usually do most 
of the talking to get in the door, or contact on the street, and to 
start the lesson. But he´ll get over that soon. 
What´s up the bugs here. Every night this week, we have found mini 
scorpians in our bathroom. There have been more spiders than normal 
here as well. I thought I had a blood blister on my toe for two weeks 
after playing soccer one day. But it kept getting bigger so I decided 
to pick at it. After a few ``pickings´´ I scooped up the whole bloody 
thing. It was like a ball. It was actually a bug here that usually is 
found on dogs. They suck the blood until they are a big blood ball. 
Same thing happened to me and now I have a crater in my toe... weird. 
Imagine going to sleep here! 
Elder Steve Alan, the president of the missionary work in the whole 
world, a co-author of Preach my Gospel, and the director of the videos 
that all the missionaries have (district 1 and 2), came to our mission 
this week. We had a zone conference with him. Wow! that´s all I could 
really say. I was very inspired to be a better missionary and got more 
ideas on how to work. Here are some interesting things and things that 
I need to work on: 
-Each lesson we teach, we need to make an outline 
-We should write down the things that the spirit indicates to us 
-In our lessons, was the spirit the senor companion, the junior, or 
wasn´t there at all 
-Don´t be surprised when people don´t want you back if you have a 
lesson longer than 45 min 
-When we answer all their questions right away, they don´t really want 
more. There´s nothing more to keep them interested. 
-The internet, ipods, ipads, smart phones and other things that the 
Apostles said were made strictly for missionary work, we don´t use as 
missionaries. Why, it´s because they don´t fully trust us as 
missionaries to use them only for the work and not other things. Also, 
we don´t even all wake up at 6:30, how do we expect to receive these 
things if we can´t obey the small stuff. 
-Jesus wasn´t baptized for a remission of his sins, but to be obedient 
to the Father 
-Everything starts with a vision, then a goal, then a plan 
-You need to return and report after you follow through with your 
plan, everyday. 
-The next time you go to the temple, ask the Father to help you learn 
more about accountability. 
-A group of zone leaders in Peru asked him why they can´t baptize 
thousands of people just like those missionaries in the Bible and Book 
of Mormon. He told them to take out their agendas and then asked, 
``who has a 0 written in your goals for the next week. All of their 
hands went up. ``I rest my case.´´ We don´t even have enough faith to 
put a 1 in the goal box for the next week. 0 isn´t a goal. You could 
stay home all day and get 0. But someone called out in his winey 
voice, but we don´t have any investigators that have more than two 
attendences in the church. He replied to look in the area book. There 
are old investigators that could be baptized this Saturday if they 
desire to be. So the story continues that that one missionary went 
home and looked in his area book only to find many candidates. He 
found one that was ready and was baptized that Saturday. Have faith, 
the end. 
Mom asks,  ``What did you mean about ironing sox?´´ Well I guess 
here´s another analogy more clearer for you and I want you to tell me 
what it means. Those with ears let them hear. 
There were two fishermen who went out to fish one Saturday. The first 
one (let´s name him Craig) woke up bright an early (6:30) so that he 
could prepare for his trip. He all ready himself with his new fishing 
jacket and pants. Then packed all the things necessary like: a fishing 
rod, a hook, a net, bait, extra gear, his fishing boat and other 
supplies for that, etc. Then he packed his lunch and left for his 
trip. It takes about an hour to get to his spot that he likes to fish. 
He arrived at about 10:30. He unpacked everything fast and rowed his 
boat to his spot. His hook and bait was in the water at exactly 11 
o´clock waiting for the fish. 
The other fisherman (let´s name him Pepe) woke up early as well, but 
he turned back over, because he was exhausted for the day before, for 
another hour and a half. He re-worke up and rushed to pack everything 
to get to his special fishing spot at 11´o clock as well. He arrived 
also at 10:30 in time just to find out that he forgot his bait and his 
own lunch. So he rushed back home, picked up his bait, packed a lunch 
at left again. This time he arrived at 12:30, but didn´t actually get 
out in the water until 2, and his hook in the water at 2:30. 
If they both had to be home by 6, who caught more fish in that day? 
-Elder Walker 

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