Friday, November 23, 2012


Dear Family,

I don´t think I´ve ever worked so hard in my whole mission or with any other companion!!!  We seemed to always be go go go this week and I like it like that!  I just have such a desire to really and I really give it my all with such little time left on the Lord´s errand.  I love the mission and will miss it so I don´t won´t to regret my last moments out here.  Hermana Johnson and I are just working our tails off!  I love her work pace!  It just seems to work with mine.  I so happy to have her as my last companion in the mission.  What a great way to end.  She is from San Diego, California and goes to BYU too. What I love most about her is her attitude.  What more can we do?...always her attitude.  Something I also respect about her is she never talks negative about anyone or anything.  She just laughs if there is a sticky situation and then I can´t help but laugh!  We laugh and laugh...but I mean we just DO WORK (as Elder Tirado always says-zone leader).  Seriously, I don´t think I´ve ever worked as hard as we have worked this week in my whole mission or with any other companion.  I´m exhausted, but so content!  We just work, work, work!!!  Great way to end my mission!!!  FIGHT THE WAR!!!!!!!!

President came to our ward this week and gave a talk, he´s wonderful!!!!  First of all it was dramatic when last minute the Priests realized there wasn´t any bread and used crackers instead last minute.  Anyway, we share the ward with the zone leaders, so anyway so he gets up and talks about each one of our successes and strengths as missionaries to the whole ward.  This man has an incredible memory!  I was touched.  My companion gave a talk and made me cry....I think I´m just getting more emotional the closer it gets to the end of this great journey...I DON´T WANT TO LEAVE YET!!!!!  We were also fed sooooo much this week!!!!!

We saw so many miracles this week.  One I would like to specify was a Spaniard who is Athiest.  We had had one lesson before with him, but hadn´t passed by in over 3 weeks.  We were fired on so decided to pass by.  He read over 50 pages of the BOM!!!  We asked him if he would say a prayer that night to ask God if he was there and is real.  He said out of curiousity yes he would.  As we testified to him the spirit was so strong!!  We felt it and we knew as we looked into his eyes he felt it.  It was the best lesson ever!  He excepted a visit back, we are really excited to teach him tonight and invite him to be baptized.   Afterwards Hermana Johnson got in the elevator and just gave me this huge hug and then we said a prayer of thanks. 

It was such a great and fun week!!!  I just want to testify that the power of God, the spirit is real.  It testifies to our heart the truth of all things.  We must learn to submit ourselves to it to feel it´s power work in our lives.  Then submit our will to the will of the Father.  I love you all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, CRAIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope you are all enjoying this time of the holidays with family.  GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT THIS WEEK AND FIGHT THE WAR FOLKS!!!!!!

-Hermana Walker

600 baptisms for 2012!!!  FIGHT THE WAR!!!!!

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